December 6, 2007

Beckett On Santana's Next Contract

Josh Beckett, on a possible Red Sox mega-deal for Johan Santana:
It doesn't matter to me. I make plenty of money. I'm starting Opening Day, though. ... There are a lot of people who make more money than me who I had better years than. I'm happy where I'm at.
The Globe says that after today's Rule 5 draft, Theo Epstein is leaving the winter meetings.


sugarshane024 said...

Refreshing to see someone concerned with being the ace rather than dollars.

nixon33 said...

wow that beckett quote is a mouthful....too bad no

curt said...

Could Beckett impress me any more than he already has, on or off the field? Didn't think so. Then I read this article, especially the comments about Jon Lester.

He's not just a mega-talented hardass, but a mega-talented hardass with a big heart whose not afraid for people to know it.

Patrick said...

Beckett is Zen Master. I love that guy. After hearing this quote and others on the subject of money, and seeing the web site of his Texas ranch, I can't imagine this guy living a life of luxury. There's no fluff at all with this guy. Nothing is getting Bedazzled with Josh Beckett. He seems like a small town guy, with world class talent.

Oh lord, please let Santana play in Boston! Let him and Josh compete for Cy Young awards every year!

Amy said...

Wow, after reading that article, Josh Beckett may just be my favorite pitcher ever (well, after Nolan Ryan, who was my childhood favorite when he played for the Mets). I love that he operates on his emotions rather than as a businessperson when it comes to his teammates. Schilling said something similar, but somehow Beckett seems more sincere about it.

SoSock said...

I believe Beckett has just officially "endeared" himself to his fans :)
And even better (NOT) -
The Herald now says Gag me will probably accept arbitration, so we may get to throw things at our screens and watch late innings with our teeth gritted and asses clinched for another year.
Oh well, Tito is so good, you need to have a reason to curse him once in a while
Headed for warmer climates for a week - I'll miss my morning reads.
Maybe there will be some actual news instead of potential news to talk about when I return

Pokerwolf said...

No Santana for the Sox, apparently. Kind of surprising that he won't end up in the AL East.

9casey said...

Pokerwolf said...
No Santana for the Sox, apparently. Kind of surprising that he won't end up in the AL East.

What is this in reference to?

Colin said...

I'm always glad that we have our Ace of Spades (to quote Motorhead) Josh Beckett. Sure he's rougher than sandpaper but that's why we love him.

Quite frankly I'm getting sick of this Santana crap. If they wanna play the game like bitches then fuck 'em. Yeah he's a really good pitcher but I don't like seeing the Fens get cock-teased (pardon my French) by anyone else. So if we get him...great. If we don't, we'll still have Captain Kick-Ass of the Fuck Yeah Brigade and the rest of the MFY-slaying Sox (including Doc to give the MFY some Prozac when we make 'em blue).

Rob said...

Spring Training Schedule!

Only 82 days, 19 hours, and 29 minutes until that very first game agaisnt BC!

And only 108 days until the first regular season game in Tokyo! Time is still TBD.

Zenslinger said...

Change of subject here.

I think people should be free to invest their money, and that fans should not rail against players (or movie stars) for making a lot of money. After all, there are people making a lot more for doing a lot less out there.

I am uncomfortable when wealthy people are taken to task for not publicly giving enough money to charity.

Despite all that, I was still somewhat disgusted at the portrait of Alex Rodriguez this article paints.

Maybe the writer has it out for him or something, but it still leaves a bad taste. Earlier RS asked me to let him know if there was a rational reason not to want A-Rod on our team. This doesn't count as one, but it certainly adds to the pile of irrational ones.

I don't think human beings -- especially when it comes to fandom -- is totally rational. So I'm very comfortable in saying that I'm glad A-Rod's not a Red Sox and that the Yanks are welcome to him.

allan said...

Maybe the writer has it out for him or something

I did not read this article, but Roberts has written some horribly biased and moronic stuff on steroids in recent months, as a columnist.

9casey said...

I hear a good joke about that article today.......If you choose not pay your rent pick october he never shows up in October.......Max Kellerman

Prometheus said...

Let's be careful about getting too giddy about the prospect of bringing in Santana. Reason: team chemistry. Beyond Beckett's classy statements, Santana would be making way more than the others (not named Manny).

Especially if the trade involves Jacoby E. This kid has the potential of lighting a spark in our offense EVERY night for many years to come. Lester, too, has provided great inspiration to the team.

If those elements are traded for a moody, overpaid, underachieving (Min. is NOT Boston, btw) player the team might suffer.

Exhibit A: '07s goal of upgrading right field. I think most would agree we won the WS in spite of JD, not because of. And no one has ever accused him of being an inspirational clubhouse presence. Did we really improve our team by subbing JD for Trot Nixon? JDs played in plenty of "former home" parks. Think he ever got the ovation TN got when he returned to Fenway?

Santana might be the greatest clubhouse guy there is. I don't know. What I do know is that what is already there won us a WS and adding Lester and Jacoby E. for a full year will only make us better.

Rob said...

No worries about Eric Gagne for this year. He declines arbitration, and is very close to signing a one-year contract with Milwaukee, for close to $10 million. Wow.

Milwaukee Sentinel


Devine said...

"I think most would agree we won the WS in spite of JD, not because of."

Are you serious? Did you watch ALCS Game 6? The one where Drew got the first 5 RBI of the game?

.314/.352/.431 for the postseason. Not the best line (it's not awful by any means, though).

Here is his ALCS line:

.360/.385/.520 (OPS: .905)

Here is his World Series line:

.333/.412/.467 (OPS: .879)

He also had 11 RBI. Who had more? Manny Ramirez (16) and Mike Lowell (15).

I think it's unfair to JD Drew to contest that we won the World Series in spite of him.

Devine said...

Sorry, that should be "He also had 11 RBI in October" in the second-to-last paragraph.