December 14, 2007

Bulletin Board

The Home for Little Wanderers is holding its 3rd annual holiday online auction. Bidding continues until December 16, 2007. Items include:
* A chance to be a batboy/girl for a spring training game in 2008 and four tickets to the same game
* A signed baseball by Daisuke Matsuzaka
* A physical set of Bleacher Seats from Fenway Park
Phyllis Hanlon is writing an article for Road King Magazine on "Truck Day" and would like to talk with
fans who've actually been present when the equipment is being loaded for the trip to Ft. Myers. I'll be talking with drivers of these 18-wheelers but would like fan reaction/input.
Email her: polishpen at mac dot com.

Hmmmmmmm ... truck day .......


mugro said...

Well, that's great. If I won the bleacher seats, at least I could sit on them in my house and pretend that I could get tickets to a game!!!

I was on the computer and phones for seven hours last Saturday trying to get tickets and I never got in. Now every game in April, May and September are sold out and I am not going. I don't have much hope for being able to get through for any of the other tickets either. This is crazy...

Amy said...

Gee, I hope Jere sees that post, Mugro. He made me believe I just wasn't trying when I said how hard it was to get tickets without paying a fortune to some ticket broker.

We usually luck out when our friends invite us to a game (they have seasons tickets) or our employer buys a block for an alumni function. Otherwise, NESN has to do it for me most of the time.