December 26, 2007

Pass The Popcorn

Well, this is interesting.

Rusty Hardin, Roger Clemens's attorney,
said Tuesday night that he and other attorneys working for his firm have begun their own investigation into allegations that link Clemens to the use of steroids and human growth hormone. ...

Hardin said the investigation of the allegations had found several individuals had not spoken with Mitchell's investigators, but who were around Clemens during the time in which he is alleged to have been using illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

"We are convinced the conclusions in Mitchell's report are wrong and are investigating the findings ourselves," Hardin said in a telephone interview.
The only way Billy can win this is if he's 100% innocent -- and that seems highly doubtful. The allegations are way beyond anything for which Clemens can offer some Pettitte-esque "I did it once (or twice) and didn't like it" BS.

A total assault on the charges may be the only way he can fight this. It's more than a little risky. This should be one hell of a crash and burn.


Benjamin said...

I didn't rob that bank, and to prove it I'll call on four witnesses who never saw me rob a bank.

Royal Rooters said...

In the way that Peter Abraham described it, Clemens is just going to "deny, deny, deny and hope the waters are cloudy enough to still get in the Hall of Fame."

Though I wouldn't be surprised if he is asked to speak in front of the upcoming government investigation into PED use. If that's the case, it would probably foil his plans of denial.

Ethan Michaels

mugro said...

I am losing whatever little respect that I had for Roger Clemens.

How does that old saying go? "If you find your own hole to be getting too deep, put down your shovel."

Clemens could have regained his own dignity by doing what Petitte did and admit his wrong doing.

Instead, he is making his own conduct worse by his vehement denials.

This "investigation" is nothing other than a subterfuge aimed at muddying the waters so that some reasonable people might doubt his guilt. It is really just a PR campaign that is not leading to the discovery of the truth -- it is designed to obscure that truth.

Clemens can conduct his own investigation all he wants, but I will not believe him to be innocent until and unless he swears under OATH (subject to the pains and penalties of perjury) that he did not use performance enhancing substances.

He could accomplish this by volunteering to testify before Congress.

I don't believe that he will do this, though, because he knows that he is guilty and does not want to perjure himself.

SoSock said...

For the last several years FB has done all he can to make himself a bigger story than he really is,...
(let's not report when everyone else does.....let's not sign with anyone till all this preseason shit is outta the way and I'm the only headline....let's turn the whole "will I even play this year?" thing into a story....let's see just how much someone will overpay for a partial season)
Looks like he has accomplished his mission.
Congrats Rog - you're the big story!