March 23, 2008

Red Sox 9, Yomiuri 2

Red Sox - 000 004 032 - 9  13  1
Yomiuri - 100 100 000 - 2 7 0
JD Drew is ready to play some ball. Two days after belting a three-run home run, Mr. OnFire clubbed a grand slam, leading Boston to victory. (The game ended about 9:15 AM Boston time.) Box and recap.

Jed Lowrie also homered, Coco Crisp tripled, and Kevin Cash, Julio Lugo, Brandon Moss and and Bobby Kielty doubled. The Dominican Duo went a combined 1-for-6.

Tim Wakefield (5.2-5-2-1-3) threw 74 pitches. Hideki Okajima pitched a scoreless seventh inning.


Jack Marshall said...

Let's hope Japanese teams are as good as Bobby Valentine says they are; it means the Sox are ready. I have a really good feeling about J.D. this season, and about the offense generally. Except for the Captain, I expect improvement up and down the order. The Sox will NOT be appreciably weaker at the plate than Detroit or the Yankees, and I suspect the Tigers are going to disappoint all the pundits who think they are the second coming of the '27 Yanks.

Jere said...

Poor Lugo. In his mind, they're the Dominican Trio. Lacks alliteration, I know. But that didn't.

I was looking at our lineup and I agree, it's awesome.

Rob said...

There was this one pitcher, the lefty Tetsuya Utsumi, who I was extremely impressed with. He had a very easy delivery without a lot of arms and legs, and it looked like he was just playing catch. Very fluid and comfortable, and potent.

In two innings, Utsumi gave up one hit, but struck out the final FIVE heart-of-the-order Red Sox batters he saw. In two innings.

allan said...

Yep, Drew will make the haters eat shit.

Lowell will decline and Pedroia could regress a bit. Can Ortiz maintain that high AVG? He had a career year last season, but the lack of HRs blinded people/media to it.

If Tek can get more time off, especially in the 2nd half, he may do okay. I don't expect much, though.

Jack Marshall said...

You're right, Redsock: Lowell figures to decline. I wouldn't count on Pedroia not taking another step forward, and I have to believe that not having a bum leg will mean Papi improves on last year. I see the Sox offense improving at 6 slots, maybe decreasing at two (catcher, 3B), with Youk being the mystery. I keep expecting him to put together a whole year at .300 +, and get his power up to 17-20 homers. I think he can do it; I just don't know if '08 is the year.

SoSock said...

Yook - 2/3, Moss - 2/2
Not bad produce from the 2 spot today.
I think Tek will be Tek, I don't think he'll drop, but he's just not a consistent contributer. He has other chores.
My money is on Yook staying in his 280 - 290 range and Lowell being the x-factor.
With LBJ in, regardless of who gets the season start, we'll get more production from that position.
I bet Papi and Manny both improve some, and Drew will significantly. Yes, I'm pumped!

Jack Marshall said...

I have this funny feeling that Coco is going to pick '08 to flash his 2005 form, confusing the hell out of things, especially if LBJ struggles. Right now the Sox can't get value for him in a trade, and if Coco hits like 2005 and fields like 2007, he's an All-Star. Then what? It's a nice problem to have.

I thought the Twins were fools not to snap up the Coco, Lester, Lowrie Masterson offer, if that really was the offer. And I think the Sox will be glad they didn't.

allan said...

I suspect the Tigers are going to disappoint all the pundits who think they are the second coming of the '27 Yanks.

I saw the Globe's season predictions -- which I'll link to tomorrow -- and a certain CHB has this to say about the Tigers: "Lineup like 1927 Yankees."

allan said...

1927 Yankees OPS+: 137

2003 Red Sox OPS+: 118
2004 Red Sox OPS+: 111
2007 Yankees OPS+: 118
2007 Tigers OPS+: 110

Not likely, Dan-o.

(I'd like to find team leaders for stuff like that, but I'm not sure B-Ref has it available.)