December 28, 2011

Andrew Bailey Joins Boston Bullpen; Reddick To Oakland

The Red Sox have acquired reliever Andrew Bailey from the Oakland A's, according to ESPN's Buster Olney. Boston also received outfielder Ryan Sweeney, who will be 27 next season.

Going to Oakland is Josh Reddick - "a 25-year-old OF with a .293 OBP above Double-A", tweets Joe Sheehan - and two Class A minor leaguers: first baseman Miles Head and pitcher Raul Alcantera (#s 17 and 25, respectively, on Sox Prospects' list).

Bailey, who will turn 28 on May 31, has three years experience in Oakland. He threw 83.1 innings in 2008, but only 49 and 41.2 innings the last two seasons. He missed the first two months of 2011 with a forearm strain. Over his career, he has averaged less than one baserunner per inning: 0.954.

Back on December 11, the Globe's Nick Cafardo warned that Bailey's "save total has declined the past three years - from 26, 25, to 24 ...". OMGLOL!!


mattymatty said...

Wait a minute. If you've sworn off twitter, how do you know what Sheehan tweeted?

For the record, I would LOVE it if you joined twitter.

allan said...


I saw on SoSH that he had said that, figured it was recent, and found his tweets.

9casey said...

Are we working on a closer by commitee again?

Keith Foulke wehere are you when we need you?

9casey said...

And of as right now , who is are starting rightfielder?

That maybe by commitee as well.

allan said...

As of now, Kalish/Sweeney in RF.

Nothing wrong with a committee -- it's better than a rigid list of pitchers/specific innings -- as long as you have a manager with an IQ higher than his age who doesn't think it means pulling names out of a hat blindly. ... We suffered through that in '03. Dumb motherfucker totally botched it in G1 and it was all downhill from there ...

mattymatty said...

I'm guessing Bailey closes. He's been doing it for longer and he's done it in the AL, which Cherington pointed out twice in a two sentence stretch when discussing the trade today.

They might (MIGHT!) also have Bobby Jenks back too, so that could play a role in deciding who pitches the ninth as well.

tim said...

And guess who got the save at JoS 1?

Hard to get excited about reliever acquisitions but I'll take it. As long as he and melancon don't go the same way that Jenks did.

Kathryn said...

JoS 1--a game to be forgotten. And I wasn't even there!