December 4, 2011

Pedro Will Announce Retirement: "I Want To Throw A Party"

More than two years after he threw his last major league pitch, Pedro Martinez says he will announce his retirement.
"I'm going to do it. But I want to throw a party too. I want to make it part of every place that I'm going to be remembered and loved by the fans. I'm going to start by doing something in the Dominican, officially signing the papers, probably coming back to Boston and getting something going with you guys."
Martinez, now 40, last pitched for the Phillies in Game 6 of the 2009 World Series. He was speaking today at a holiday toy drive in Bedford, Massachusetts.
"It was after I didn't play for one year and I was able to garden again with my mom and be with my boys and go to baseball games. I got attached, I got attached to that kind of life. Being at home, being able to sit on my boat and not worry about tomorrow. It was really what made me lean towards not coming back.

"I still feel the little itch to go and compete. Actually seeing the Red Sox this winter, before they were disqualified, I saw so many holes that I could probably fill while watching those games. It makes me want to go, but the other part of me says, 'No'."
When you are picking party spots, n'oubliez pas Montreal, Pedro!


Jere said...

I just read that at that toy drive yesterday, Pedro signed autographs...for 3.5 hours!

hrstrat57 said...

Had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure of seeing Pedey pitch in person a couple of times....once sitting behind the plate.

Lights out.......changeup, screwball, curve and blazing fast ball that just exploded.

Truly amazing how much arm speed he created.

Have a nice life Pedro!

allan said...

On ballot in November 2014
Assuming he's a 1st ballot:

Enshrinement in July 2015

JoSathon in Cooperstown?
We should rent a house!!

laura k said...

Man I love that guy.

I even loved him... before. He was a factor in my conversion.

johngoldfine said...

He's thrown everything else--why not a party as well!