May 3, 2012

Fun With Anagrams

Bobby Valentine - I Envy Babble. Not.

Dustin Pedroia - I Rip Astounded; Super Addition; I Add Eruptions

Josh Beckett - The Best Jock

Alfredo Aceves - Faced Save Role; Alas, Coed Fever

Matt Albers - Arm Tablets; Lamb Taster; Blame Tarts

Adrian Gonzalez - Gonna Air Dazzle

Felix Doubront - Nod, Fix Trouble

David Ortiz - Diva Or Ditz

Jacoby Ellsbury - Job: Clearly Busy

Vicente Padilla - All Advice Inept

Scott Atchison - Is Contact Host

Andrew Bailey - Bye, Wild Arena

Mark Melancon - Am Lemon Crank

Ben Cherington - Re Ten Inch Bong


9casey said...

Eck in the booth this weekend, nice..

Patrick said...

Laser show is not in need of a nick name, but I am liking 'super addition'

9casey said...

Rivera done?

Mark said...

Fruitbat just went down untouched with what looks like a blown knee.

allan said...

SoSH thread

Jere said...

That's crazy about Mo--watching the vid of it now (bottom of this article).

Francesa today was listing off all the Yankee injuries, and now they're hit with a huge one.

I'm not gonna say that he or any other pitcher "shouldn't be shagging flies," as he could have hurt the knee running at any time...but he was sprinting right at the wall--you'd think he would want to avoid doing that, if only to avoid crashing into the wall!

Jere said...

Yanks leave tying run on 3rd, Arod ends game. First W for KC at home in 2012!

Jere said...

a. revoir, Marian'

Anonymous said...

At first damn, they're going to bring him off the field on a cart?

If he doesn't ever play again I won't miss him that much. But he was a great competitor, and hope its not that serious.

Kathryn said...

That's crazy news on Rivera. Thanks for posting the video link, Jere.

9casey said...

He shagged balls everyday, i would say it was a freak accident, but when you are 42 that shit happens..

Sad though, seems like a class guy..

laura k said...

Nature's way of saying it's time to retire. It's completely ridiculous that he was still pitching effectively anyway.

Now NYY fans will see what it's like to have a mere mortal as a closer.