May 26, 2012

G46: Red Sox 3, Rays 2

Rays    - 000 000 200 - 2  4  0
Red Sox - 000 001 002 - 3  9  1
Pinch-hitter Jarrod Saltalamacchia's two-run home run off Fernando Rodney in the bottom of the ninth gave the Red Sox their first walk-off win of the season.

With Boston down 2-1, Daniel Nava started the ninth with a walk. Nick Punto bunted him to second and then Saltalamacchia batted for Marlon Byrd. Salty blasted an 0-1 pitch over the Red Sox bullpen in right-center.

Josh Beckett (7-4-2-0-5, 91) allowed only one base runner through the first six innings.

Daisuke Matsuzaka for Pawtucket: 5-1-0-1-2, 56.
David Price / Josh Beckett

The Rays comment on the Luke Scott HBP. Joe Maddon:
I'm kind of curious regarding who put out the hit, because I know it wasn't one of their players. By the way their players reacted to the entire situation, I knew it did not come from them. It's kind of incompetent behavior ... [T]he people that were incensed obviously they're the ones that were probably behind the effort, the really weak, cowardly effort on their part. Did I say that strongly enough? Did I make my point?


9casey said...

Fuck you , Joe... And your cast of bowtie wearing pansies.
Luke Scott should be hit in every at bat , and not for his comments about Fenway, but for that stupid fuckin beard.

9casey said...

I have seen alot of Maddon's comments and the players. Pena said they knew it was coming, so why the anger if you expected it, why such hostility. Handle it like the Red Sox did, dont talk about it, but these guys are chirpin' .. Suck it up.

9casey said...

Harold Reynolds on mlb last night siad he didnt think Morales was throwing at him , when the first pitch went behind him, because of they way Salty reacted, by turning around and getting the ball, rather than watching Scott.

9casey said...

Once order on the field was restored and the teams were returning to their dugouts, Rays center fielder B.J. Upton engaged in a verbal altercation with a male fan. Upton explains:

"He said something about [Rays pitcher David Price], definitely not suitable for TV, I didn’t like it. You know what, I don’t have a problem with fans heckling and all that, but I think sometimes they can cross the line, and I felt like he did, and I kind of lost my cool. I think the people that have been around me know that it’s tough for me to get there, but he sent me there tonight."

Were the fan's comments racial?
"Um, I don’t know. It’s over with."

Fuckin reporters! He has to assume it was racial it is Boston.... If it was Matt Joyce going at a fan the question is never asked. Lets stir that fuckin pot... Friggin amateur reporting running rampant at Fenway..

I am not saying it was either way... There just has to be better way of asking that question without assuming the worst..

Ben said...

Was just watching the walkoff video. Did Salty dis Valentine when he went in for a hug?

laura k said...

Luke Scott should be hit in every at bat , and not for his comments about Fenway, but for that stupid fuckin beard.

I had to check who wrote this. 9C channeling Allan!

He has to assume it was racial it is Boston....

Gee, I wonder why that is. Hmmm.

laura k said...

PS I wish bowtie wearing pansies were in the Boston dugout instead of a guy wearing a Valentine on his jersey.