May 4, 2012

Mariano Rivera Tears ACL While Shagging Flies In Outfield

Shocking news from Kansas City before last night's Yankees-Royals game.

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Have we seen the last of Mariano Rivera?

Even the greatest closer of all time had trouble answering that question after a freak accident during batting practice Thursday night left him with a torn ACL in his right knee.

"At this point, I don't know," Rivera said, fighting back tears. "At this point, I don't know. We have to face this first. I want to think and pray a little bit before I make decisions of whatever happens."

Rivera suffered the injury while shagging fly balls in center field, an exercise as routine as throwing his trademark cutter.

Rivera made a leaping attempt at a Jayson Nix fly ball. Rivera's right knee appeared to give out on him when he landed, then he made contact with the wall and dropped to the warning track, clutching his right knee as he grimaced.
Rivera had pitched in nine games this year. After allowing two runs and blowing a save on Opening Day, he had pitched in eight games, throwing a combined eight shutout innings, allowing three hits and no walks.

The Yankees (13-12, 4th place) will likely use David Robertson (0 runs in 11 IP) and/or Rafael Soriano as their closer for the rest of the year.


laura k said...

OK, now we all have to repeat our comments in the last thread, so they're in the right place.

* * * *

This is nature's way of saying it's time to retire. It's completely ridiculous that he was still pitching effectively anyway.

Now NYY fans will see what it's like to have a mere mortal as a closer.

JeffM said...

This doesn't make me happy at all. I want to see Rivera fail miserably on the field (and go away), but not through injury.

mattymatty said...

I agree with JeffM. I don't wish injury on anyone, even the Yankees. Though if Derek Jeter's testicles exploded like fireworks while standing at shortstop I wouldn't object.

laura k said...

Though if Derek Jeter's testicles exploded like fireworks while standing at shortstop I wouldn't object.

Now there's an interesting image.

Amy said...

I was really sad to hear this. I will have to go look for the other comments Laura referred to. Although I got great pleasure whenever he blew a save against the Red Sox---as he did more than against any other team, I really admired him and always enjoyed watching him pitch. What a sad way to end a career.

Amy said...

Laura,where are the earlier comments? There was no game last night so was it in another game thread? A different JOS post?

Also, can someone help me remember which game it was where a ball fell in the outfield while Rivera was pitching and he looked dismayed with his teammates?

allan said...

Now there's an interesting image.

Gif-worthy, even.

Before the season started, there was talk that this would be his last year. And FB talked about *really* wanting to play CF for an inning or a batter before he retired. (Like Dumbo had a brief spot at 2B, I suppose.)

That would have been cool to see, especially against the Sox. Doesn't look like that will happen now.

laura k said...

Amy, comments were here.

Amy said...

I found the comments---on the anagram post.

Allan, did you make all those up yourself??? Or with an anagram generator?

allan said...

Also, can someone help me remember which game it was where a ball fell in the outfield while Rivera was pitching and he looked dismayed with his teammates?

The infamous "CATCH THE BALL" game!!

Pretty sure that was in 2004 and it was a pop-up that Lofton was jogging in to play on a hop.


Yep. September 18, 2004

(A week later, boy, was I pissed at Tito!)

allan said...

Or with an anagram generator?


Only Jere can do them in his head!

laura k said...

And even Jere has been known to use Scrabble tiles (or so he once told me).

Definitely CATCH THE BALL in 2004.

Amy said...

That's the one, Allan. Thanks so much. A friend was saying that Rivera rarely showed any emotion, and I was trying to remember that game. I know it was around 2004, but just couldn't locate the actual game.

How in the world do you remember things like that?? So envious!

Amy said...

Funny, I can't find a picture of Rivera's face when he was yelling at Lofton, hands raised in disgust. Did they just censor all those so that there is no evidence of his emotion?

allan said...

I know I have a screen grab of Rivera yelling at Lofton. I would have thought it was in the JoS post from back then, but it's not.

I can dig it up when I get home if you want.

Amy said...

It's funny how I can find LOTS of stories about the incident, but not one picture.

It's not that important---I just want to razz this Yankee friend of mine (not the one I married) a little. It probably is the only time that Rivera was a bit less than classy, but it was also nice to see that he is in fact human. I am sure she remembers this game as well, but I just want to give her a little bit of a hard time. :)

Jere said...

One of my favorite experiences at a baseball game, the "catch the ball!" game--9/17/04. Last row, upper deck, Yankee Stadium, between home and first. It was just a great back and forth between Sox and Yanks fans toward the end of the Drought Era. I almost completely lost my voice at that game. Shook hands with the non-asshole Yankee fans to our right after the game. It was almost like they were more interested in seeing my reactions to things, like "wow, so that's what it's like to have never seen your team win in your lifetime."

Benjamin said...

laura k said...

Nice! There you go, Amy. Someone always comes through.

Amy said...

Thanks, Benjamin. Just seeing this now. In NYC for the weekend.

laura k said...

People have gone insane over this. During last night's game, Don said "our thoughts and prayers are with him". Prayers?? Seemed a bit much over a blown ACL.