February 11, 2013

Comings And Goings

You can't tell the new players (and coaching staff) without a scorecard.

John Farrell — Manager
Greg Colbrunn — Hitting Coach
Victor Rodriguez — Assistant Hitting Coach
Juan Nieves — Pitching Coach
Arnie Beyeler — First Base Coach
Brian Butterfield — Third Base Coach / Infield Coach
Torey Lovullo — Bench Coach
Ryan Dempster - signed 2/26.5 free agent contract (2012: Cubs/Rangers)
Joel Hanrahan - obtained in trade with Pirates (2012: Pirates)
Koji Uehara - signed a one-year contract (2012: Rangers)
David Ross - signed 2/6.2 free agent contract (2012: Atlanta)
Mike Napoli - signed 1/5 free agent contract (2012: Rangers)
Stephen Drew - signed 1/9.5 free agent contract (2012: Diamondbacks/A's)
Lyle Overbay - signed minor league contract (2012: Diamondbacks/Atlanta)
Brock Holt - obtained in Hanrahan trade with Pirates (2012: Pirates)
Jonny Gomes - signed 2/10 free agent contract (2012: A's)
Shane Victorino - signed 3/39 free agent contract (2012: Phillies/Dodgers)
Which Way Did He Go?
Cody Ross - Diamondbacks (signed 3/26 free agent contract)
James Loney - Rays (signed 1/2 free agent contract)
Aaron Cook - Phillies (signed free agent contract)
Scott Atchison - Mets (signed minor league contract)
Rich Hill - Cleveland (signed minor league contract)
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Cleveland (signed minor league contract)
Mark Melancon - Pirates (part of Joel Hanrahan trade)
Vicente Padilla - Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Nippon Professional Baseball League)
Scott Podsednik - unsigned free agent
Mike Aviles and Matt Albers are playing for Terry Francona in Cleveland


FenFan said...

... and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George.

Great post, Allan!

Zenslinger said...

Apparently the Braves won't use "the screaming savage" on their BP hats. At least there's some sense.

allan said...

This is good news, though the fact that they even considered using it is distressing.

Amy said...

Allan, I know that you didn't do this for me, but somehow I hear you muttering, "Maybe now she won't ask, WHO'S THAT GUY?" Don't count on it. Unless I print this out and hang it on my laptop every time I watch a Sox game, I will still be wondering what happened to so-and-so and who the hell that new guy is out in the field or up at bat.


laura k said...

I was about to write:

Note to Amy: CLIP AND SAVE.

Then I saw she already thought of it!

Amy, print the post, cut out the info, and tape it to your laptop!

laura k said...

The Braves conceding to common sense is a good thing.

9casey said...

Padilla surprises me.

nick said...

My thoughts on this:

1) Thanks! good info and I needed it.
2) Amy, stat!

Zenslinger said...

Padilla surprises me.

It surprises you he's not here? It's surprises me a little he got a team to hire him. Well, not really, but...in Japan? Not my idea of a last refuge for the rage-challenged pitcher.

Amy said...

Done! Now I just have to put it where I won't lose it. :)

9casey said...

I liked Padilla, but yes surprised he is playin in Japan.

9casey said...

I have always been amazed at the amount of hamstring injuries in basball. It just never seems to happen in other sports.

dj1480 said...

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Cleveland (signed minor league contract)

I'm very surprised to see that Daisuke and Francona are going to be teamed up again. Wasn't Francona out of patience years ago?