February 21, 2013

Links 'N Such

Daniel Bard pitched one inning against Northeastern yesterday afternoon, and struck out three batters. The Red Sox beat Northeastern 3-0 and dispatched Boston College 11-1.

On the first day the 2013 Red Sox played a baseball game, NESN (surprise!) dropped the ball. Yes, the games were against college teams, but that still beats the hell out of whatever the fuck "off-brand poker" is.

Gordon Edes offers some perspective on shortstop Jose Iglesias.

Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports: "Big Papi Takes Swings At Rekindling Idiots Era Magic, Sabermetrics And Retirement"

Pat Jordan, SB Nation: The Pain And Pleasure Of Spring: How I Lost My Fastball But Learned To Love Spring Training

Jonathan Bernhardt, Sports On Earth: No Relief In Sight. Bernhardt damages his journalistic credibility when he calls Alfredi Aceves "a good value that the already light Boston bullpen can't afford to lose". Our 'pen ain't light.

SB Nation's Grant Brisbee ranks 109 off-season moves. Because, why not? (The Mike Napoli and Koji Uehara signings are #s 17 and 19, respectively.)

Robert J. Baumann, Fangraphs: Another Reason Why Rickey Is The Greatest

Toronto knuckleballer R.A. Dickey tells the story of his journey (with his two young daughters) to Mumbai, India, to work with Bombay Teen Challenge, a charity trying to save women and children from the scourge of human sex trafficking.

Fellow Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle will spend the summer away from his family, because Ontario's idiotic breed-specific laws will not allow his entire family (which includes Slater, a handsome mix of bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier (pictured above)) to live in the province.

Pedro says 90% of his HBP were on purpose. (That would be 127 out of 141.)


laura k said...

Slater, what a handsome boy! I am so psyched about the Buehrles using their platform to stand up for bully boys. The Ontario anti-BSL is getting a huge boost.

For the unconvinced: try this, or this.

tim said...

I saw the Buerhle story a couple days ago, was waiting to see you guys pick up on it...so sad. Poor slater! Hopefully (but doubtful) Buerhle's case will make a case for this Ontario travesty!

laura k said...

Hi Tim! I think Allan has posted about it before. I've been babbling about it on FB but waiting to post on wmtc.

Jamie Buerhle said people have offered to take Slater so the rest of the family could move to Toronto, but they wouldn't consider that, they would as soon leave their daughter behind. :)

laura k said...

Buerhles and dogs

Buerhle dogs

Mark said...

Lackey already in midseason form.

allan said...

Globe says it took him only 10 pitches to load the bases with 0 outs! Then a K, sac fly, and another fly out.

1 inning, 1 hit, 1 walk, 1 HBP, 1 run, 1 strikeout, 6 batters faced, 20 pitches.

"Strong outing, most definitely. I thought I had my best stuff of the year," Lackey would probably have told the Joy of Sox blog.

Kathryn said...

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.