February 6, 2013

Lackey: "I'm Going To Pitch Well"

A slimmer John Lackey - now healed from TJ surgery - says his right shoulder had not been well for three seasons, and he vows to have a good season in 2013.
It's fresh for me again. It's a restart in a lot of ways for the team and for myself. There's time to change things. That's a challenge and I like a challenge.
David Ortiz may not be fully recovered from an injured right Achilles tendon, but he says he will be ready for Opening Day against the Yankees.
I'm able to do the agility drills without any pain, which I wasn't able to do before, so that's a good thing. When I was injured those used to cause me a lot of pain, and I don't have any pain when I do them now.
GM Ben Cherington said Ortiz is on schedule and the club has no concerns about his health. ... The Red Sox named Dana Levangie as their bullpen coach. ... MLB.com has a look at top prospects Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr.


Zenslinger said...

Did this drive anyone up the wall like it did me?

On his 2010 season: "I was 14-11 and if I had won one more game, it probably would have looked a lot better. Fifteen just seems like a better number. I think I was better than people say. If you pitch 200 innings in the majors, something is going right for you."

allan said...

Yes. It reminded me of this: John Lackey Hates Making Excuses

Kathryn said...

PLEEEAAASE...don't get me started.

9casey said...

He might have 15 wins but he still would have had. A +6 era. Dope.

laura k said...

Don't get Kat started! :)

It's going to be a looooooo(etc)ng time before any of us cheer for Mr Lackey. The one thing Lackey didn't lack was excuses.

laura k said...

John Lackey Hates Making Excuses

This is very amusing - the post and the comments. I had to think for a second who Mrs.GotRibe was! :)