March 2, 2018

I Want You To Read This Post, But What If You Don't?

This WEEI headline annoyed me:
What's the point? Obviously, every Red Sox fan reading the story hopes that Pom is healthy and has a great season, while also understanding that it is within the realm of possibility that something could be wrong ... either now or in the future.

And you could ask a similar question about every single thing spoken by every single member of the Red Sox organization for the entire season.
J.D. Martinez Glad To Contribute To First Win In Red Sox Uniform, But What If He Isn't?

Hanley Ramirez: "I Love Hitting Home Runs Against The Yankees", But What If He Doesn't?

Red Sox Confident They Can Hold Off Rivals And Claim Third Straight AL East Title, But What If They Aren't?

Pedroia Says Team Believes They Can Go All The Way In Postseason, But What If They Can't?

First Season At Sox Helm Was A Thrilling Ride For Cora, But What If It Wasn't? Wants Fans To Click On Their Stories (Even The Ones With Idiotic Headlines), But What If We Don't?
This can also be applied to things outside the world of the Red Sox:
Sun Will Rise Tomorrow And Continue Sustaining Life On Earth, But What If It Doesn't?


Unknown said...

Good little post we can drive ourselves crazy with forecasts and predictions. But until we get between the lines and play it out anything and everything remains possible. That is the great part of a new season, possibilities.

Unknown said...

OK guys . That was weird . Lol . Go sox!

Unknown said...

The positive

is awesome...but what if it isn't....

allan said...

Why do I now sense a theme to this season?

(Or do I?)

wilson said...

This in the NY Times this morning: "Ex-Trump Aide Says He Will Not Testify. But Maybe He Will."