March 28, 2018

Red Sox 2018 W-L Contest Entries

Here are the entries for this year's Red Sox W-L contest.
              W-L   JDM TB
Norm T      102-60    320

Jim S       101-61    357
Paul H      101-61    357 
Laura K     101-61    320 

Ben A       100-62    250

Jere S       99-63    299

Patrick K    98-64    301

Ian R        97-65    325
Matthew K    97-65    320
Warren S     97-65    302 

James G      95-67    337
John G       95-67    320
Allan W      95-67    319

Jeff M       94-68    320
Jeff J       94-68    305
David F      94-68    304
Rich G       94-68    303
Matthew B    94-68    285

Dave H       93-69    325
Ben B        93–69    275

Michael G    92-70    301
Brett H      92-70    300
Wayne S      92-70    286
Jeff A       92-70    264 

Andrew M     90-72    323

Judy C       82-80    328
Prize: This Time Let's Not Eat The Bones: Bill James Without The Numbers. ... (James's name appearing three times on the cover is unusual.)

Also: Paul H offered this possible scenario: "How about Stanton injures himself while smashing a ball into Judge's head - both are out for the season in the home opener"? That sounds good, but since the MFY begin the season in Toronto, I prefer it happens in the road opener.

Possible idea for another contest ... # of posts this season in which I bitch about NESN?

That's actually a trick question. The correct answer is "All of them".


FenFan said...

Wow, only one person picked the Sox to finish with fewer than 90 wins? I love the optimism! Go Sox!!!

allan said...

We are covered from 90-102, with the exceptions of 91 and 96.

The Red Sox had several issues last year and still won 93. I think they are improved (several players should have better years and no one really overachieved last season), but I still said only 95.

Kathryn said...

How did I miss this????

Dr. Jeff said...

Did I forget to enter or is the "Jeff A" me? Or a different Jeff A? I can't remember if I sent you something...

allan said...

It's a different Jeff A.