April 25, 2019

Dave O'Brien Feels Cheated If Managers Don't Consider His Feelings When Making Pitching Changes And Other In-Game Decisions

In the seventh inning of last night's Red Sox-Tigers game, NESN's Dave O'Brien was talking about managers who have pulled a starting pitcher from a game because of a high pitch count, even though the pitcher had not allowed a hit.
I feel robbed as a fan when a manager makes that decision.
Well, Dave, perhaps your feelings aren't the number one priority for that team's manager.

I'd feel robbed as a fan if the short-sighted manager of my favourite team overworked a promising young pitcher, putting him at greater risk for an injury and a possible premature end to his career, all for something that may never happen.

I also feel robbed when the Red Sox, down by (for example) five runs in the bottom of the ninth, do not score six runs and win the game.

O'Brien is 55 years old. And he feels slighted when something he wants to see during a baseball game doesn't end up occurring?

Also, here is NESN's replay of Xander Bogaerts fouling off a 1-1 pitch in the bottom of the seventh:

NESN either zooms in too much (so the thing they are trying to show you is well out of the frame) or they pull back too much. (But cut the network some slack, okay? They've been broadcasting games for only 35 years.)

On fly balls to the outfield, the high home camera initially offers a panoramic view of nearly the entire field, with the outfielder in pursuit of the baseball about the size of an ant until the camera operator figures out which outfielder is going to make the play and gets a little closer right before the catch.


Unknown said...

The Red Sox issues are many hard to fix. 1. DFA Nunez and test Lin/Chavis 2. Use Rusney or Gorky over JBJ 3.Replace Leon with outside catcher
1a. Nunez just can't field good enough. Giving youth over some veteran is a necessary evil
2a. JBJ is just too streaky
3a. Leon can't hit at all. Blake blaming was harmful.
Pedroia issue I am not smart enough to understand

Jim said...

I won't even begin to list the number of ways I feel cheated as a fan with the way NESN broadcasts live baseball games, Dave O'Brien being at the centre of most of them.