April 30, 2019

There Is Very Little Logic Involved In Assigning Wins To Pitchers

Red Sox starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez was pulled from last night's game with two outs in the fifth inning. At the time, Boston led 6-4. The Red Sox used six relief pitchers and won the game 9-4.

Rodriguez needed to record 15 outs to "qualify" for the win. He recorded only 14 outs, so he was immediately "ineligible" for the Win. He could not even be considered. When it came to assigning the Win, it was as if Rodriguez had not pitched at all - despite recording more outs (14) than the other six Red Sox pitchers combined (13).

In other words, Rodriguez pitched only 4.2 innings, not enough innings for a Win. Instead, Ryan Brasier was awarded the Win for pitching 1.1 innings.

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