April 19, 2019

David Price Is Fifth Red Sox Player Not Going To White House Next Month

David Price told Jon Heyman of the MLB Network that he will not be going to the White House ceremony for the 2018 World Series champions on May 9. Heyman tweeted:
World Series hero David Price told me he doesn't plan to go to the White House when the champion Red Sox visit May 9. "It's baseball season," was all Price said about that.
Price joins four other players - Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley, Rafael Devers, and Hector Velázquez - who will not be attending.

Velázquez, who was born and raised in Ciudad Obregon in the Mexican state of Sonora, is the only player to mention Donald Trump as the reason for staying away from the White House. In early April, Velázquez said:
I made the choice not to go because, as we know, the president has said a lot of stuff about Mexico. And I have a lot of people in Mexico that are fans of me, that follow me. And I'm from there. So, I would rather not offend anyone over there.


Jim said...

Out of curiosity I clicked on to the WEEI.com report of this, then the comments. If you've ever wondered what it was like to fall into an open sewer ...

allan said...

Universal Hub takes note!

laura k said...

Nice mention!