September 17, 2019

1980: Umpire Bill Haller Tosses Orioles Manager Earl Weaver ("You Gonna Be In The Hall Of Fame For Fucking Up World Series?")

September 17, 1980. Memorial Stadium, Baltimore. Tigers batting in the top of the first. Rick Peters grounds out pitcher-to-first and Alan Trammell singles to right. With Al Cowens at the plate, first base umpire Bill Haller calls a balk on Orioles starter Mike Flanagan. Orioles manager Earl Weaver does not agree.

Weaver's tirade may or may not be legendary, but Haller wins the argument. (Here's a longer, clearer version, with Eddie Murray talking to Haller before Weaver arrives.)
Weaver: That's bullshit!

Haller: ... behind the rubber.

Weaver: Ah, bullshit!

Haller: Bullshit yourself.

Weaver: ... you're here - you're here, and this crew is here, just to fuck us.

Haller: BOOM! [Haller actually provides a sound effect when he tosses Weaver! Amazing!]

Weaver: Good. That's great!

Haller: Ahhh, you ... shit.

Weaver: And you stink. ... you couldn't wait to get me out of here.

Haller: Ah, Earl. You run yourself, Earl. You run yourself.

Weaver: Get your finger ...

Haller: You hit me?

Weaver: Yeah, cause you put your finger on me.

Haller: I'm glad you did. I'm glad you hit me.

Weaver: That's right. ... You're here for one goddamn specific reason.

Haller: What's that, Earl?

Weaver: To fuck us!

Haller: Ah, you're full of shit. Fuck you.

Weaver: ... this crew for years and goddamn years and years. And don't you ever put your finger on me again.

Haller: You hit me, Earl.

Weaver: You put your finger on me.

Haller: That's okay.

Weaver: You're goddamn right. If you touch me again ...

Haller: Ah, you ain't gonna knock nobody on their ass.

Weaver: You do it again, and I'll knock you right in your nose.

Haller: I didn't touch you.

Weaver: You pushed your finger ...

Haller: I did not! Now you're lying.

Weaver: ... goddamn ...

Haller: You're lying!

Weaver: No, you are.

Haller: You are lying.

Weaver: You're a big liar if you ...

Haller: You are a liar, Earl.

Weaver: You are!

Haller: A liar!

Weaver: You are!
Haller walks away. Weaver follows him.
Weaver: I'll tell you something. You're here for one reason, to fuck us good.

Haller: Wrong.

Weaver: That's the only reason.

Haller: You are wrong, Earl.

Weaver: And you'll have your chance tomorrow. You got it as quick as you could ...

Haller: Awwwww ... what's wrong with you?

Weaver: You ain't no good.

Haller: No, you aren't, either. You aren't, either.

Weaver: You ain't no good.

Haller: You're no fucking good, either.

Weaver: You stink. Your ass'll never have our games again.

Haller: I hope ... what do I care?

Weaver: Yeah!

Haller: What do I care?

Weaver: Yeah! What do ... what are you doing here now?

Haller: Well, why don't you call the league office and ask them?

Weaver: Yeah! I will!

Haller: Good.

Weaver: Don't think I won't.

Haller: Good.

Weaver: And the quicker you get ... don't walk away ...

Haller: And the quicker you get out, it'll be better, too.

Weaver: Yeah! Yeah!

Haller: That's right!

Weaver: You ain't going nowhere.

Haller: You aren't either.
Haller walks away again, and again Weaver follows.
Weaver: You watch, about five, ten fucking years from now, who's in the Hall of Fame.

Haller: Oh, you're gonna be in the Hall of Fame?

Weaver: You know it!

Haller: Why?

Weaver: You know it!

Haller: For fucking up World Series? You gonna be in the Hall of Fame for fucking up World Series?

Weaver: I've won more than I've lost, you know.

Haller: Oh, no, you haven't, Earl.

Weaver: Games*! Count games, fucker! ... You don't even know nothing about baseball!

Haller: You better get going, Earl.

Weaver: Oh, I better get going.

Haller: Better get going.

Weaver: What in the hell are you gonna do about it?
*: Weaver's teams lost three of the four World Series in which they played (including the season before this one), but were 15-13 in games. The Orioles lost in 1969 (1-4), won in 1970 (4-1), and lost in 1971 (3-4) and 1979 (3-4). Weaver's Orioles also lost in the ALCS in 1973 (2-3) and 1974 (1-3).

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FenFan said...

One of my favorite confrontations between an umpire and a manager, classic!