September 21, 2019

Umpires Still Deciding Games With Blown Calls As MLB Steadfastly Ignores Issue

The Yankees lost to the Blue Jays yesterday 4-3. Toronto pitcher Ken Giles retired the MFY in order in the bottom of the ninth, but he got a huge assist from plate umpire Joe West.

Giles fanned Luke Voit, but fell behind 3-1 to Brett Gardner. Giles threw Ball 4, but West ruled that it was a strike. A pissed-off Gardner eventually flied to center and Giles closed the door by striking out Mike Ford.

For a better indication of how wretched West's call was, check out Brooks. It's Pitch #5:

Pace of play needs to be addressed, of course, but I guaranfuckintee that there are a significant number of fans who feel that MLB's continued obstanance and outright refusal to deal with incompetent umpires is as large (or larger) an issue. At least with a slower pace of play, the actual players are determining the outcome of the game.

I cannot deny that seeing the Yankees get screwed by the umps and lose a game gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but I'm more sick of this shit going on with zero consequences for clowns like West. ... Robots, now!

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Andrew said...

It’s a lot easier for Manfred to champion a ‘cause’ like app speeding up game time because nobody gets upset about it. Changing the way the game is umpires is a legitimately big change, and it seems Manfred is scared to take that on.