September 19, 2019

G152: Red Sox 5, Giants 4

Giants  - 100 000 021 - 4  6  2
Red Sox - 230 000 00x - 5 10  2
Eduardo Rodriguez (6-2-1-2-10, 107) was sharp yet again, allowing only an unearned run. Rodriguez has allowed five earned runs in his last seven starts (45 innings, 1.00 ERA).

Xander Bogaerts drove in three runs and Rafael Devers knocked in two as the Red Sox held on by their fingernails to beat the Giants on Thursday afternoon. Brandon Workman loaded the bases with no outs in the ninth, but "saved" the game after walking in a run.

Each of the top four hitters in the Boston lineup had two hits. Andrew Benintendi and Christian Vázquez each scored twice.

The Red Sox took charge when the first four batters in the first inning reached base against Madison Bumgarner (5-9-5-2-7, 102). Benintendi doubled to right-center, Vázquez walked, and Dvers and Bogaerts each hit a run-scoring single.

(It was Benintendi's 40th double of the season, giving the Red Sox four players with 40+ doubles for the first time in team history (Mookie Betts, Benintendi, Bogaerts, Devers).)

In the second, the Red Sox changed things around, making two outs before hitting four straight singles. Benintendi and Vázquez set the table. Devers knocked in one run and Boagerts brought in two more.

I love those kinds of innings, but not when the opposition does it, as the Giants did in the eighth. Marcus Walden got two outs, then walked Mauricio Dubon, and gave up a single to Mike Yastrzemski and a double (and two runs) to Kevin Pillar. Matt Barnes relieved Walden and walked Evan Longoria. Buster Posey got an infield single, loading the bases, before Barnes struck out Stephen Vogt.

Workman nearly imploded in the ninth. Brandon Belt hit the first pitch and reached on an infield error. Christhian Adames singled to right and Chris Shaw walked. ... Time for a mound visit! ... Brandon Crawford (cbf) struck out looking. Yastrzemski (csfb) struck out swinging. Pillar (bsbb) walked, and Belt scored. Workman then struck out Longoria (cbbcbs).

If you give a shit about pitchers and wins, EdRo has 18.

The Red Sox are 24-8 in Rodriguez's starts this year. Houston's Gerrit Cole is the only other pitcher to start as many as 24 team wins (the Astros are 24-7 in Cole's starts).
Madison Bumgarner / Eduardo Rodriguez
Benintendi, LF
Vázquez, C
Devers, 3B
Bogaerts, DH
Holt, 1B
G. Hernández, RF
Bradley, CF
Owings, SS
M. Hernández, 2B
Bats in September: .213/.290/.357.

Record: 6-9. Runs scored: 55. Runs allowed: 72.

Elimination # for Wild Card Race: 1.


Paul Hickman said...


Am now keeping a close eye on Hous v MFY v LAD in relation to who ends up with homefield IF they play ?

Hous 4-3 MFY means Hous get it if they tie, so essentially a 1 game lead is effectively 2 !!!

Currently MFY will finish 2nd & play Minn which may ? be a tougher road to hoe ...... Maybe !

Can you help me with a query ?

What happens IF 2 teams play in WS with say 105 wins each & they haven't played head to head that season ?

Who gets home advantage ? Does it go to Common opponents or League Record ?

It is obviously a very long shot to happen, but I wonder if they might just toss a coin


Michael J. G. said...

You've got the score backward, Allan. Headline should be 5-4 to the good.

allan said...

From 2003-2016, the league that won the All-Star Game got the advantage. (Before 2003, it alternated between the leagues.)

From 2017, home field is decided by, in order, (1) regular-season winning percentage, (2) head-to-head record in the regular season, (3) best record against teams in its own division, and (4) best record against teams in its own league.

That's why WS tickets (all postseason tickets, really) are labelled something like "Home Game 1", because that could be used for Game 1 or Game 3 of a postseason series, depending on where it is played, which is not known when the tickets are printed. (Before 2003, they could print exact games on tickets because they knew way in advance which team would be the home team.)

Jake of All Trades said...

The 4 straight singles with 2 outs in the second were all bloops too! (At least according to WEEI; I was listening and not watching.) On the 4th one you could hear Joe C laughing in the background of Sean McDonough’s call. (I was laughing too...)

allan said...

You've got the score backward, Allan. Headline should be 5-4 to the good.

Well, that says something about how well this season has gone. ... Thanks!