March 31, 2020

Maybe Sometimes The Cure Really Is Worse Than The Disease

[Note: I'm going to post Covid-19 stuff solely at tested by research. I meant to do that all along, but there was one post for which I wanted a larger audience and I soon found myself posting about the same things in different posts at both blogs. That made no sense. But I may post non-baseball stuff again. For example, when Trump gets the virus or he's arrested for causing the deaths of thousands of people unfortunate enough to live in a state governed by a Democrat or if I fucking feel like it.

Before I go: The big story tonight is a White House official admitted to the Washington Post that Donald Trump is making sure "red" states like Florida get all the personal protective gear they have requested while denying essential equipment to "blue" states (like New York, which Trump has no chance of winning). There is a lot of very suspicious circumstantial evidence. Trump will probably ended up admitting to everything in the next few days, anyway. After all,
once he was acquitted in his impeachment show trial, he admitted to the entire Ukraine conspiracy.

The New York Post's front page on March 1 announced the first US death from Covid-19. On March 31, almost 200,000 Americans have been infected and more than 4,000 have died, and the normal patterns of all facets of society have been radically upended. Today, the United States set a record for the most new cases of Covid-19 by any country in a single day for the
seventh consecutive day.

Testing remains minimal. Last week, the US was doing only 65,000 tests per day. The US cannot even test everyone who is sick. At the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens (Trump was recently rambling about what colour the paint on the walls was), some sick people have waited from 6 AM to 5 PM and gone home without being tested.)

This is the reality:

The federal response to this global pandemic has been completely based on the needs of Donald Trump's re-election campaign.]

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