October 15, 2021

Fox Is All Kinds Of Shit

Joe Buck is a smug, annoying doosh bonnet.

John Smoltz is a repellent homophobe who believes science is a conspiracy.

And Fox's camera work is shit. The camera work was fixed in the bottom of the first.

The other problems persist.


Jere said...

I assure you this didn't happen on my TV. I'm on cable (network TV but through Cox cable.)

I guess certain feeds saw it like that... don't know why/how though....

Steve said...

It was terrible. Seemed like the camera pointed at the Astros pitcher from the front/side was slightly out of focus for the first inning or two, and you could see the Google logo through Chris Sale's head in the shots from behind him while he was pitching.

Jere said...

Steve, what were you watching on?