October 12, 2021

Red Sox Are Second Team (Ever) To Clinch A Postseason Series With Consecutive Walkoff Wins

ALDS Tidbits, courtesy of Doug Kern:

The Red Sox are the second team in MLB postseason history to clinch a series with back-to-back walkoff wins. The other was the Twins in the 1991 World Series.

3 Hits & 3 RBI In A Postseason Clincher, Red Sox History

David Ortiz, 2004 ALDS 3 vs Angels
Johnny Damon, 2004 ALCS 7 at Yankees
Dustin Pedroia, 2007 ALCS 7 vs Cleveland
Rafael Devers, 2021 ALDS 4 vs Rays

Walkoff Anything To Win A Postseason Series, Red Sox history

Larry Gardner vs Giants, 1912 WS 8 ("sac fly" before they technically existed)
David Ortiz vs Angels, 2004 ALDS 3 (HR)
Jed Lowrie vs Angels, 2008 ALDS 4 (1B)
Kiké Hernández vs Rays, 2021 ALDS 4 (SF)

Threw 2+ Perfect Innings In A Postseason Game And Got A Win, Red Sox history

Scott Williamson, 2003 ALDS 4 vs Athletics
Jonathan Papelbon, 2008 ALDS 2 at Angels
Garrett Whitlock, 2021 ALDS 4 vs Rays

American League Teams To Win 100+ Games And Not Advance Past LDS

2001 Athletics (lost to Yankees)
2002 Athletics (lost to Twins)
2002 Yankees (lost to Angels)
2008 Angels (lost to Red Sox)
2017 Cleveland (lost to Yankees)
2018 Yankees (lost to Red Sox)
2019 Twins (lost to Yankees)
2021 Rays (lost to Red Sox)

Youngest Players To Homer In Back-To-Back Games At Fenway Park (Years-Days)

19-118, Tony Conigliaro, Red Sox, May 3-4, 1964
20-201, Tony Conigliaro, Red Sox, July 27, 1965 (G1 & G2)
20-244, Wander Franco, Rays, October 10-11, 2021
20-271, Ted Williams, Red Sox, May 27-28, 1939
20-273, Ted Williams, Red Sox, May 30, 1939 (G1 & G2)
20-299, Rafael Devers, Red Sox, August 18-19, 2017

Kiké Hernández, with Hunter Renfroe July 22 vs Yankees: First time Red Sox have had two walkoff sac flies in the same season since 1988 (Mike Greenwell & Dwight Evans).

Ryan Brasier: First pitcher in Red Sox postseason history to face 3+ batters and give up hits to ALL of them.

Austin Meadows: Longest plate appearance (17 pitches) in Rays history. Mike Kelly drew a 16-pitch walk off David Wells, Yankees, September 24, 1998.

Also: Meadows's 17-pitch at-bat is the longest postseason plate appearance since Johnny Damon (Red Sox) had a 16-pitch PA in 2004 ALCS 2 at Yankees.

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