October 30, 2021

Zack Greinke And Babe Ruth Are The Only Two Pitchers To Not Bat #9 In World Series Game

Atlanta has prevailed in two close games at home, 2-0 and 3-2, and could win the Piece of Metal™ with a victory in Game 5 on Sunday night.

The Astros' bats have gone ice cold in Georgia. On Friday night, they were no-hit for seven innings and finished the game with only two singles. Last night, they left 11 men on base and were 0-for-8 with runners at second and/or third.

Starting Pitchers Not Batting Ninth (Postseason)

Babe Ruth, Red Sox, 1918 World Series Game 4 vs Cubs (#6)
Kyle Hendricks, Cubs, 2015 NLDS Game 2 at Cardinals (#8)
Jason Hammel, Cubs, 2015 NLDS Game 4 vs Cardinals (#8)
Kyle Hendricks, Cubs, 2015 NLCS Game 3 vs Mets (#8)
Jason Hammel, Cubs, 2015 NLCS Game 4 vs Mets (#8)
Zack Greinke, Astros, 2021 World Series Game 4 at Atlanta (#8)

In 1918, Babe Ruth had batted sixth only once before – on May 6, the very first game in which he started at a position other than pitcher. It was the day the 23-year-old iconoclast began his transition into the most complete hitter the game has ever seen.

Ruth batted fourth in 74 of his 89 starts in 1918 (and third or fourth in 80 of 89 starts).

In fact, May 6 and September 9, 1918 were the only two starts Ruth batted sixth in his entire career.

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