August 5, 2022

Angels Score 7 Runs On 7 Home Runs In 7 Different Innings

Update/Fuller Explanation Below!
Athletics - 006 200 000 - 8  8  0
Angels    - 111 101 101 - 7  9  0
The Angels are the first team in major league history to score seven runs in a game on seven solo homers.

The Angels had nine hits on Thursday night: one single, one double, and seven home runs.

I do not believe a team has ever scored eight runs in a game with no more than one run in an inning. (I believe seven has been done before.)

The previous high was six runs on six solo shots, accomplished by the the Athletics on August 3, 1991 against the Twins and the Blue Jays on May 21, 2010 against the Diamondbacks. Both homer-happy teams lost by an 8-6 score.

The Angels are also the sixth team to hit seven homers in a game and lose. It's now happened in each of the last three seasons. (Teams that have hit seven home runs in a game are now 79-6.)

UPDATE/FULLER EXPLANATION: Teams that hit exactly seven home runs in a game are 79-6. Teams that have hit seven or more homers are 110-6 and teams that have hit eight or more home runs are 31-0. (Of those 31 teams, 29 hit eight home runs, one hit nine, and one hit ten.)

The Amazing Shohei Ohtani hit two of the seven dongs.

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"10,669 players made their major league debut before Vin Scully started broadcasting Dodgers games.
10,641 more players made their major league debut before Vin Scully retired from broadcasting Dodgers games."


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