August 25, 2022

RIP: Doug Kern (1974-2022)

Doug Kern, a tireless pursuer and chronicler of baseball oddities (@dakern74), passed away during the night of August 8-9, 2022, at his home in Bristol, Connecticut. Kern was only 48 years old. No cause of death has been made public, but he may have suffered a heart attack while sleeping.

Kern also posted lengthy weekly recaps, based on his numerous tweets, at Kernels of Wisdom. His website featured a few cool pages, such as "Every Score Ever", as well as a list of the 244 baseball stadiums* (covering 47 states and three Canadian provinces) at which he attended games. That number includes 43 major league parks.

Kern also worked for ESPN Stats and Information from 2006 to 2017.

Here is a short feature on him from 2013.

*: "Professional" teams only, i.e., majors, minors, and independent leagues. His Twitter bio lists an updated count of 245 parks.


Zenslinger said...

Sorry to read about Doug's passing.

Paul Hickman said...

I wonder how many stats & facts we all heard/read over the years, that he was responsible for - many without even knowing it was Doug !

The Game is now a poorer place.

It's sad that we only fully appreciate these people after they are gone ......

Mahleens said...

As a reader and follower of Doug's brilliant baseball essays and stat blurbs for over 15 years - words cannot express how devastated I am. Wondered why he hadn't updated kernels of wisdom for a while and so I googled him and DAMN.