August 25, 2022

Looks Like Smooth Sailing To Last Place Finish For Second Time In Three Seasons

Rhetorical question, but . . . why are people so stupid?

That tweet came in response to something Bill James posted this afternoon:
I don't blame him. If I had been watching, I would have tuned out quite a while ago.

Boston (60-64) is ensconced in the AL East basement. The Red Sox have lost five of their last six and 12 of their last 19. After a smoking-hot June (20-6), they are 17-31. That dismal showing since July 1 works out to a 57-105 record over a full season. In case you are uncertain, that's not the way to get to the postseason.

Forty percent of AL teams will qualify for the 2022 postseason (six of 15), but the Red Sox will not be in that group. Boston is 7.0 GB in the Wild Card Race, with three teams ahead of them: Orioles 2.5 GB, Twins 4.0, and White Sox 4.0 GB. At this moment, the three WC teams are the Rays, Blue Jays, and Mariners.

And for what it's worth (which is next-to-nothing, if not literally nothing), I'll say it right here: The Red Sox will not let Rafael Devers go.


accudart said...

While this year has been very disappointing your spot on. I hear my Sox friends bitch about about them. They continue rebuilding the farm system and are shedding payroll. I think we can give them a pass...1918.

Zenslinger said...

I make a distinction between a season in which a team doesn't make the playoffs and an embarrassing season. To me, below .400 is embarrassing. This isn't embarrassing -- but after the LOB-otomy game last night you wrote about, I stopped worrying about the playoffs.

I don't think I will ever have reason to bitterly complain about the team, not only given all the success of the last twenty years, but also because I still trust Chaim Bloom.

SoSock said...

I may not be 100% sold on Bloom, but I've never been a fan of not giving someone enough time to either make it work, or prove they are not the one. And after last year I think he deserves to a bit of leeway.
Another season or 2 of this and I might change my mind, but I really think this year the players let us down much more than the management did. And of course the injury bug was especially pesky this year.
I'm glad to see them showing their support for both Cora and Bloom myself.
(I'm still hoping we get into a bit of a better groove and at least finish above .500. I hate to see Cora saddled with that when I personally think he really has handled the challenges pretty well.)