September 26, 2022

AL Batting Average: Judge Leads Bogaerts By .0005

Only ten games remain in the regular season and the Red Sox (72-80) need to go 10-0 to finish above .500. That is . . . unlikely. This will be Boston's second last-place finish in the last three years (though 2020 was a shortend season of only 60 games).

Feast or Famine: In nine of the last 11 seasons, the Red Sox have finished either first or last in the American League East. Oddly, they have not finished fourth in a quarter-century (since 1997).

One Red Sox-related race worth watching is for the top batting average in the AL. Right now, Aaron Judge leads Xander Bogaerts by .00054. Once that is settled, all eyes will turn to YED.

AL Batting Average
Aaron Judge       .314338
Xander Bogaerts   .313799
Luis Arraez       .312977


Rich G said...

Wish we was 72-70...72-80 of course. Easy typo to make.

Thanks for another excellent season of coverage and insight.

allan said...

Thanks for pointing that out.
A perfect example of my checked-out-ness in 2022.