September 1, 2022

Red Sox Rally For 4 In Ninth, Beat Texas 9-8 At Fenway

Texas   - 001 030 022 - 8 13 0
Red Sox - 000 201 024 - 9 13 0
Boston began the ninth inning with a 4% chance of winning the game.

Texas 8, Red Sox 5, J. Hernandez pitching
Pham walked
Verdugo walked, Pham to second
(Mound visit)
Bogaerts singled to first, Pham to third, Verdugo to second
Devers doubled to left, Pham and Verdugo scored, Bogaerts to third (7-8)
Martinez struck out swinging
Arroyo intentionally walked (to load bases)
Hernandez singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Devers to third, Arroyo to second (8-8)
Refsnyder singled to left, Devers scored (9-8)

A Good Night

Verdugo: 3 hits, 3 runs scored, home run
Devers: 2 doubles, 2 runs scored, 3 runs batted in
Bogaerts: 2 hits, walk, 3 runs scored
Arroyo: 2 hits, double, 3 runs batted in


Paul Hickman said...

Most exciting win of the year !!!

Was trying to remember the last time we turned around a Game so dramatically in the 9th ?

Think it was back in 2018 ? Maybe !

FenFan said...

I had a friend at the game last night, and he said those last two half-innings with the Sox at the plate were electric. Yes, it was probably very much like 2018 or even 2013 (I recall a LOT of big comebacks and walk-offs that year).