September 21, 2022

Can Anyone Win This Year's W-L Contest?

The Red Sox have 15 games remaining in the 2022 season.

Boston is currently 72-75, so the team could end up with anywhere from 72 to 87 wins.

This poor performance means most of the entries in this year's W-L contest are merely wistful dreams of what might have been. But is there any chance someone will win?

Yes. Two entries are still in contention.

Rich G.        85-77
Brett H.       82-80

Rich needs the Red Sox to finish 13-2, while Brett is hoping for a 10-5 record over the next two weeks.

The rest of the schedule (nb days off):

Sep 21       at CIN
Sep 22-25    at MFY
Sep 26-29    vs BAL
Sep 30-Oct 2 at TOR
Oct 3-5      vs TBR


wallythe24 said...

Talking of wistful dreams.
The Great Britain Baseball team qualified for the World Baseball Classic yesterday.
A massive achievement. We beat three teams ranked higher than us.
France , Germany and Spain ( who we beat 10-9 in 10 inns ).

The Ings said...

But what about the tiebreaker? Maybe that's a non-starter, too, since there wasn't any trade clause. Commissioner, I think you should make a ruling before the end of the season...

betterthanthealternative said...

Every win total from 88 to 98* is covered, so I feel fairly confident we'll have a winner this season.

laura k said...

Go GB?

wallythe24 said...

To win a game at WBC will be massive. There's been a spike of interest , which is great.