December 18, 2003

5:00 p.m. According to Peter Gammons, Hicks has dropped his demand for $5 million for 5 years to $5 million for 3 years. And the union says Rodriguez can rework his contract and lose $13-15 million. ... This sounds positive and it's good to see flexibility from the union, which surely does not want to be seen as the only entity not wanting this deal to go through. If Texas will accept $15 and Boston can get Alex to give back $15, what's the problem? ... I will say that I'm not very sold on the deal as currently rumored: Alex for Manny, a prospect and $, then Ordonez for Nomar, Williamson and a minor leaguer or $. That seems like too much to pay for Ordonez and the Texas deal should stay at Manny and cash. ... But the discussions can't go on much longer, since many teams are impacted: Boston, Texas, Chicago, maybe Los Angeles and Anaheim (though Gammons said the Dodgers are moving on), and any teams in dicussions with those clubs.

Update on 9/11 item below: Kean will be the sole guest on Nightline (11 pm est) and Kristen Breitweiser will be on Hardball (7pm).

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