December 16, 2003

One Week To Go. Tom Hicks and John Henry have set a one-week timetable to negotiate the Rodriguez/Ramirez trade. ... ESPNNews radio reports that Henry, Theo Epstein and Rodriguez met with union officials today, and if the Union okays the restructuring of A-Rod's contract, it's a done deal. ... Kevin Millar was interviewed by Dan Patrick on the 6pm Sportscenter tonight. Several posters at SoSH report this exchange:

1st Q: Who would you rather have on this team -- Manny and Nomar or A-Rod?
Millar: A-Rod.
Last Q: Who's throwing the ball to you from SS next year for the Red Sox?
Millar: A-Rod.

Millar also added that the Dodgers should be excited to get Nomar's bat in their lineup. ... Wow! If the reports over the past 24 hours are correct -- that the deal is complete except for the hammering out formalities like Rodriguez's contract restructuring -- Millar's comments, while surprising in their timing, make sense. Millar said he had spoken with Todd Walker, who apparently will sign with the Rangers once the A-Rod trade is announced (I guess that's how Millar got the inside poop). I'm assuming that the Nomar trade will be announced at the same time -- and so that needs to be ironed out as well.

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