December 4, 2003

Talking Trash in December. Gary Sheffield opens his yap: "We're not going to lose, you can be assured of that. George didn't even bring up the Red Sox during our talks. I don't think they're even a concern to him. He just kept talking about how bad he wants to win more World Series championships. The Red Sox can say what they want, but look at us. Who's going to beat us? Nobody. ..." Damn, why can't it be spring training now! ... Excellent column at Slate: C_Schilling1966 Has Entered the Room.

Update to Air Force One story: A White House news conference today changed the story yet again!! Now the other plane that spied AF1 is being identified as a "non-UK operator." Scott McClellan says more than he realizes (or intends): "[W]hat we always try to do for you all in the press corps is to provide you a little color of important events, because we believe that's helpful to you for your stories..." As George Costanza once said: "It's not a lie if you believe it." ... I made a joke about Halliburton making the faux turkey for the faux president, but according to the New York Post, it's true.

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