December 19, 2003

Honestly. I have no idea what's going on. And like Ed Cossette, I'm getting punchy and simply want something to happen. I want resolution. ... John Hart said there is a "strong likelihood" Rodriguez will remain in Texas and Lucchino called the deal "dead," adding that reports of continued negotiations "inaccurate." But both Rodriguez and Boras say a deal is possible. But Hart also said, "We still have the possibility of making a trade."

One Red Sox source said, "If the Red Sox declare the deal to be dead, Boras has a miserable client and Hicks still has multiple problems, like his finances, his manager, his shortstop, his general manager and his team. The Red Sox can still win the World Series without Rodriguez. Not Texas. We actually can afford for this deal to be sincerely dead." I agree with that source. Hohler asks: Can Nomar return? I say yes. With Manny and Nomar, Boston is a powerhouse team.

Bruce Allen on the chaos: "This is the downfall of being as open as this ownership and management group is. ... This Red Sox situation is more like someone teasing you with the promise of a reward or gift, and each day you're expecting to get it, but they don't have it with them, or they need to finish working on it first, or put you off in some other way. It would've been better had they said nothing at all, and just surprised you with it when they had it all ready for you. Of course, I realize something of this magnitude cannot be kept under wraps, totally. But I'm feeling really strung along at this point." ... Allen also mentions Schilling's call to WEEI yesterday "to lay a smackdown on Tony Massarotti and Sean McAdam, neither of whom covered themselves in glory when talking about the Internet." ... Dirt Dog (who has vowed to shut down his site if the A-Rod trade doesn't go through) has an MP3.

Also: The Red Sox have until midnight tomorrow to tender 2004 contracts to eight arbitration-eligible players: Merloni, Jackson, Mirabelli, Nixon, Kapler, Kim, Sauerbeck and Williamson. ... Pokey Reese? ... Yankee blogger Larry Mahnken: "Last season was a great pennant race, and an even greater ALCS. The Red Sox scared the hell out of me, and they're probably going to do it again. This probably isn't the best Yankees team that I've seen in my lifetime, but I don't think I've ever looked forward to a season more. It's gonna be great." ... New York Post: "You can practically taste the panic inside George Steinbrenner's office. ... 'If I worked in that office,' one major league executive said yesterday, 'I would call in sick the rest of the year.'" ... The Game Ain't What It Used to be, Part 145,903 ... Hey you kids, get off my lawn! Lawn!

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