September 1, 2006

Nixon, Varitek In Pawtucket

Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek were at the top of Pawtucket's lineup against Ottawa on Friday night.

Nixon was the DH and went 0-for-4 (he also went 0-for-4 on Thursday while playing right field). Varitek homered in his first at-bat, ending the night 1-for-3, with 2 strikeouts.

Charlie Wagner, who first pitched for the Red Sox in 1938, died Thursday at the age of 93. He had been the oldest living Red Sock.

A change to the 2007 schedule: the Red Sox will open on April 2 in Kansas City, not Minnesota. The first home game is April 10 against Seattle.

Theo Epstein, on trading David Wells: "It was an opportunity for the organization to turn what was starting to look like a one-month only asset into a player who we feel can help us for a long time. ... [G]iven the quality of the player that we had an opportunity to get back, it would have been irresponsible not to pursue this deal."

On Friday, the Boston Globe published an editorial suggesting -- in the wake of the team's myriad injuries -- that Johnny Damon is haunting the Red Sox. And it is not written with tongue-in-cheek. Pure garbage.


9casey said...

Why doesn't Theo just say I gave up on this time on July 1st......Enough with this Ivy legue banter about the future... The future is the next 27 games.......No instead I have to listen to arrogant Yankee fans call the red sox a bunch of quitters....Who pays this metrosexual's salary anyway? I know alot of you have given up and maybe i should have's just not in me.....27 games lest see what we can do.

Jack Marshall said...

The Damon piece was the worst sort of Monday morning quarterbacking imaginable...worse even than blaming the Arroyo trade, worse than suddenly deciding that the Sox should have picked up Abreu.

Damon was going to make the difference this year? Not unless he could be the 5th starter, and you know Johnny's arm.


laura k said...

Much of the Boston media must be loving this collapse. What an excuse to be stupid and lazy.

Gutch220 said...

So there's a johnny damon curse now? jeez

Jim said...

If a newspaper's editors can't be the voice of reason, how can we expect their sports columnists to make sense? The Damon thing has to be looked at rationally. The Sox gave him a 4-year free agent contract which happened to cover his prime baseball years age-wise. He generally performed up to expectations, albeit a tad streaky. At the end of that contract, Damon's market value exceeded what the Sox were willing to pay him, considering that in their estimation he had already given them his peak years. They decided to go younger. It's too bad Crisp has been a disappointment. But one thing I really could not stomach would be this year's version of the Sox playing badly, knowing we had 4 more years of an ageing Damon in center field. Move on.

Jeff Faria said...

Ah. So now it's the Curse of the Damino.

No, that doesn't work. The Damon's Curse?

Most sportwriters would rather do anything but think.