May 8, 2007

Just The Two Of Us ...

I ask:
At one point, NESN showed Manny and Sexy Lips on the bench, Manny with his arm around Tavarez, softly petting his head like he was a cute dog. They seemed quite cozy. (Maybe SG will offer us a screen shot; they recently blessed us with the DP Hug.)
And Red delivers:
Between this and the pizza tossing last month, NESN is bringing back the golden age of television. What's next? Remy and DO in full KISS make-up?

Man. That would be awesome.
Yes, it would. (Don has to be Gene.)

Video and NESN sound (because still pictures don't do this tender moment any justice), couresty of Beth.


grunherz said...

Compare that clip to any similar situation from the YES booth, add a dash of Suzyn Waldman's hysterics and my fellow NYers can maybe see why I love the Red Sox and loath all that is Yankee.

tim said...

Wow, already down. MLB is crazy into this removal of clips on youtube!

Beth said...

vid i got from another service still up if you want to replace the youtube version: