May 28, 2007


Derek Jeter:
We can't look at the standings. Who cares about the standings?
Mike Puma, Post:
Good thing the Yankees are leaving town for 11 days - it will take at least that long to fumigate the Stadium from the rancid odor left behind by the home team.

The fans even let Joe Torre have it yesterday, booing the manager for his ill-fated decision to replace Mike Mussina with Scott Proctor in the seventh inning. ...

Even the usually unflappable Jeter had some urgency in his voice after the Yankees lost for the seventh time in 10 games and fell a season-high six games below .500.

"You can't give up, you have to continue to fight," Jeter said. "But you do have to get some wins here."
Mike Mussina (before the Red Sox won):
How many games are we out? ... [He is told] ... Twelve is a lot. ... We need what, 72, 73 wins from here? With four months to play [and 114 games], to get to 30 games over ... [W]e have guys who can pitch and hit and score runs, but we just have to do it at the same time.
Brian Cashman ("his voice barely above a whisper"):
We can't worry about the division, the 12 games back, the wild card or anything. We just have to worry about "that day" and hope we swing a lot of "that days" together.
Anthony Rieber, Newsday:
Is it time to worry about the division race?

"I think it's an appropriate time," said Mike Mussina ...

It is time to stop saying it's early?

"Yeah, but I don't know what you do about it," manager Joe Torre said. "It's not that 'now it's time to panic.' Then what do you do?"
We're gonna have to find that magic potion.
Or maybe start praying the "ghosts" return to make the other teams fail ...


Unknown said...

Please advise when it shall be appropriate to chant "1912!" at the MFY fans to pay them back for all those years of "1918!"


s1c said...

The best part of the Weekend, seeing the Sox sweep the Rangers at home for the first time since 73 and see the Yankees get swept. Just love it.
Hardball times has a good article looking at the projections for the AL East. Some interesting things there.

Jere said...

Hey, I thought linking the 1912 standings in the Joy of Sox comments section was my gig...

"Who cares about the standings?"

I can answer that, Derek. It's the people who made the rules such that the teams toward the TOP of said standings advance to post-season series' which determine who is the best team in the end.

It's about doing

what it takes

to win

Unknown said...

Well, I most likely got the general idea about 1912 from you, Jere, and then I just took it to the idea of chanting!

It's obviously *your* fault that I regularly read your blog and have (apparently) even absorbed the lessons found there!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

P.S. I was too slow with my other taunting idea of sending this link to MFY fans:

laura k said...

Wouldn't the equivalent of chanting "1918" be chanting "2000"? Forgive me if I'm behind the curve here, I don't remember the Jere Theory of 1912.

Sean O said...

I'll be there tonight in gs 32 row 5, stop by and say hi. I missed SL's start, but hopefully schill makes it happen. I should be in my new tavarez shirt in red.

Sean O said...

Ok, check that, thanks to our friends at Olympia Sports i'll be wearing a blue Nixon shirt in GS32. I feel like I should've bought the Foulke shirt too, but maybe later.

Can't wait. Also, anyone else find it weird that Torre is relying on ghosts to get back in the division race? That's a pretty crappy strategy.

s1c said...

Bradford posted the line ups:
David Ortiz is out again with I assume more hamstring issues)

Julio Lugo SS
Coco Crisp CF
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Manny Ramirez DH
J.D. Drew RF
Mike Lowelll 3B
Jason Varitek C
Wily Mo Pena LF
Dustin Pedroia 2B

Grady Sizemore CF
Casey Blake 3B
Travis Haffner DH
Victor Martinez C
Trot Nixon RF
Jhonny Peralta SS
Dave Dellucci LF
Ryan Garko 1B
Josh Barfield 2B

Sean O said...


Guess I'll be in my Pena shirt now. Should be interesting to see him running over Manny's territory, but he can't be too bad out there... right?

Jim said...

Repeat after me, Wily Mo--Just sit on Lee's fastball, just sit on Lee's fastball ...

s1c said...

Wily Mo is 2 for 5 against Lee both of them HR's.

Jere said...

drew: ha, thanks for reading...

L: Yes, "2000" should be the chant--in fact, I still can't believe that never got started. I thought it would be a given right after we won in '04. But when I linked to the 1912 standings, I was just talking about big leads: