May 9, 2007


Gordon Edes asked Sexy Lips why Manny Ramirez was rubbing his head on Sunday. Partial quote:
He did that to try to make me go to sleep. I was mad at him because he was fooling around. Day off. He wasn't watching the game.
Francona: "We have a close team but there are times when it's best to turn your head."

Speaking of turning your head, on Monday's off-day, Terry Francona and performance-enhancement coach Don Kalkstein went to the top of the CN Tower. Francona walked on the glass floor of the observatory -- 1,815 feet high -- despite his height phobia. "I hated every minute of it. I was stupid for doing it."

Still, he did it. I'll never go up there. Being on the roof of one of the World Trade Center towers was one thing (that was much easier the second and third times), but a transparent floor more than a quarter-mile above the ground?!?!


tim said...

CN tower is overrated...the glass floor is scary for the first 2 seconds you're on it, but after that it gets old fast.

Pokerwolf said...

If you think a transparent floor on the top of the tower is bad, they've put a transparent walkway over the Grand Canyon! Yikes!

laura k said...

but after that it gets old fast.

Spoken like a man not afraid of heights.

they've put a transparent walkway over the Grand Canyon!

A bad idea for many reasons!


Still, in light of later events, aren't you glad you forced yourself to go on the WTC observation deck? I'm glad you did.