August 4, 2008

Someone Besides Me Likes Shea Stadium

He's Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods.

While living in New York City for almost 19 years, I could probably count the number of times I went to Shea Stadium on both hands (and maybe a couple of toes). And like Josh, I always enjoyed myself there -- especially on weekday afternoon games.


Steven Krasner (ProJo), on Jason Bay's first home run as a Red Sock:
He simply dropped the bat and started running in a nice professional trot around the bases. Bay didn't jettison his bat, stand at home plate and watch the ball's majestic flight. He didn't ... point to the sky ... It was refreshing to see.
Why is Krasner using Bay's homer to criticize David Ortiz?

Paul SF asks: "Who is Jason Bay?" though from the post, the question should probably be "How Well Does Jason Bay Hit In Every Conceivable Situation?"

In New York, the stache is dead.

Poetry from Baseball Toaster: "Midnight, Cleveland" and "Notes on a Three-Way"


Rob said...

I'm not sure if your Ortiz comment was sarcasm aimed at Krasner (and if so, well done in pointing out the obvious hypocrisy) or if you do think he was referring to Ortiz?

allan said...

It was the former.

Amy said...

Although I think Shea is a terrible stadium in which to see a game, especially if you are in the upper decks (where I always was), and especially compared to Fenway, Shea does have a special place in my heart if only because it was the very first major league park I went to. I was even hoping to get to a game there this season with my son in law, the Mets fan, but so far that plan is still just a plan.

Jere said...

I agree with Amy: Shea to me means going to a game as a kid, the closest stadium to my house that wasn't Yankee Stadium, watching the pathetic early-'80s Mets from good seats. My dad taught me very early to root for the Mets since it makes Steinbrenner mad if they win, and it was a good way to see baseball, even on a school night. (An hour away as opposed to 2.5 hrs to Fenway.) I'd even use the experience as my show 'n' tell the next day. Just imagine the shyest kid in class scared to death in front of everyone with a five-word presentation: "I went to Mets-Reds."

Post-'86 everything changed, and my experiences there as an adult haven't been very fun, but I'll always have the memories of the little kid days.

nixon33 said...

haven't been to shea since i was 14, but i plan def on going before the season is over. too bad the dodgers already came.

laura k said...

I dislike Shea, but I have one happy Shea memory.

In 1998 - my dream season, back in the old days - I wanted to see part of the home race between McGwire and Sosa. It was like, hey, there's a National League park in this town!

We went to a Mets-Cardinals double-header. In the first game, McGwire hit #50.

When asked about Maris' record, McGwire had always said, talk to me if I hit 50 before September. So when he did, he raised his fist in celebration as he rounded the bases. The place went nuts.

Then in the 2nd game, he hit #51!

I was wearing my NYY hat, of course, and Mets fans were ragging on me, but really playfully, considering what the Yankees were doing. I remember laughing and saying, Yeah, you're right, they do suck!

Patrick said...

Ya know what is 'refreshing to see'?

Dongs. Big dongs, small dong, cocky dongs, humble dongs. I don't care. It's always nice to see our guys hitting home runs. I don't care if they openly show they that appreciated it as much as I, or not.

Manny's K-Rod mummy dong was more refreshing than most dongs I've ever seen.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I've lived in NYC my entire life and have been to about 100 games at Shea. It's not without its charms. (And BTW, if Yankee Stadium is such a "Baseball Cathedral," how come they are tearing it down? 4 simple words: GEORGE NEEDS LUXURY BOXES.)I saw my first game there in 1968, with Willie Mays playing CF for the Giants. I also saw one of only 2 no-hitters thrown there, by Bob Moose of the Pirates in 1969. It's needed the wrecker's ball for some time. But I'll miss the old dump.

Jere said...

L-girl, I think we've talked about this before, but I went to the Cards-Mets doubleheader the day after yours. I was all psyched, and then it slowly sank in as the lineups were announced that McGwire was sitting out game one. I was pissed. And then no dongs for him in game two. I also saw Sosa NOT hit a HR that year at my only trip to Wrigley.