August 25, 2008

Something Else #18: DLR Vocal Track

If you were following along in Saturday's game thread, you saw my link to today's off-day fun. While the Red Sox were getting routed, I surfed somewhere (???) and found a link to this Chunklet post.

In January 2008, an mp3 of David Lee Roth's vocal track for the 1978 Van Halen song "Runnin' With The Devil" popped up online. A post-Chunklet Google search led me here and then here. Several posters at Something Awful had created and uploaded remixes, which I have collected (with the Roth original) here -- the Chariots of Fire mash-up is quite good. (And for those who like poop humour, click here.)

Also: Black Cab Sessions -- musicians in the back seat of a cab, one song, one take. ... The Roots cover Bob Dylan's "Masters of War", singing the first part of the song to the tune of "The Star Spangled Banner".


Rob said...'s Jim Molony thinks the Red Sox are busy behind the scenes, trying to add another outfielder, and perhaps another pitcher.

Mark Kotsay has cleared waivers... They also talked to Houston about Darin Erstad but nothing really came of that, apparently.

Kevin Millwood and Vincente Padilla have both cleared waivers and Molony sees them as a "good fit."

Rob said...

Funny how the Dodgers are such a blast to the past for people in Boston and New York these days. Los Angeles recently called up Tanyon Sturtze from the minor leagues... so here's the tally now of former Sox and Yankees on the Dodgers:

Joe Torre
Larry Bowa
Don Mattingly

Manny Ramirez
Derek Lowe
Nomar Garciaparra
Jason Johnson
Tanyon Sturtze
Scott Proctor (DL)

Hiroki Kuroda is interesting also because he reminds me of Dice-K, but of a much more confident and mature Dice-K. Same delivery, same number, etc., similar types of pitches with some differences... Bottom line is if Dice-K pitched the way Kuroda does, he'd be the ace of the Red Sox staff. He'd dominate.

Rob said...

Twins leading Seattle in the bottom of the 8th... Here's to hoping the M's can do some good in 2008 and make a little comeback. Twins win puts them 0.5 GB in the wild card (I think they'd actually be tied with Chicago), and a loss would put them 1.5 GB, making this weekend just a tiny bit more comfortable.

nixon33 said...

another great vocal track!

Rob said...

Ha! Seattle rallies in the 9th, ties the game, then wins in the 11th!

1.5 GA wild card.

Benjamin said...

Damn, I was going to crack some joke about how the Globe manages to felate the entire Toilet in one try, but the byline is Amalie Benjamin's instead of CHB's.