August 28, 2008

Contest Entries - Yankee Elimination Day

The Yankee Elimination Day contest is closed and here are the entries (either first name/last initial or JoS commenter name):
                     NY     Last Red
YED Wins Sox Win

Brian B 0912 87 ALDS 4
Jeff D 0912 86 ALCS 6
L-Girl 0912 85 G 162
nixon 33 0912 85 WS 6

Tony L 0914 88 ALCS 6
SoSock 0914 84 WS 6

Matt S 0916 85 WS 6
William S 0916 81 ALCS 5

Peter D 0917 85 WS 5

Jonathan I 0918 89 ALDS 4
Chris M 0918 88 ALDS 4
Chris C 0918 87 ALCS 5
Andrew B 0918 87 WS 5

Leigh B 0919 87 WS 5
Jere S 0919 86 WS 6

Joe Grav 0920 88 ALCS 5
redsauce04 0920 87 WS 5
Bruce B 0920 81 WS 5

Jeff F 0921 89 WS 5
Jeff M 0921 87 ALCS 5
Aaron S 0921 86 ALCS 6
Tim J 0921 83 WS 6

Douglas I 0922 90 ALCS 2

Lewis S 0923 89 ALDS 4
Franco B 0923 88 G 162
Chuck C 0923 88 ALDS 4
Zenslinger 0923 88 ALCS 5
Ofer C 0923 87 WS 6

Tim L 0924 89 WS 4
Matthew K 0924 88 ALDS 2
Jeff R 0924 88 ALCS 5
Steve C 0924 85 WS 6

ish 0925 86 ALDS 4

Wayne V 0926 89 WS 6
Zachary P 0926 86 ALDS 3

JCal76 0927 87 ALDS 4

Nicholas D 0928 86 ALCS 6
Joshua H 0928 87 WS 6
We have 15 of the last 17 days of the regular season covered. No one went out on a limb and picked an October date -- how about that!


nixon33 said...


Brian the Red said...

Just relooked at my entry, I picked a date - then figured their total wins based on the MFY playing the same level of ball as they have all year and I'm not sure now if they play that well they'll get eliminated that early.

Oh, well, I look good because my entry is at the top of the list. :)

SoSock said...

Nix - That link is GREAT!
I'm eating it up. I almost wondered if it were one of our group posing, but decided not. It's real.
And I'm now thinking I'll be about 3 days early on my prediction because the Vile Rays are going to drop off just a little.
Hopefully just enough.

tim said...

Hmm, I looked at the schedules of the Rays, Sox and MFY, basically guessed which games they'd win and lose. I had MFY playing decent ball, and the sox and rays basically with identical records when it was all said and done. Meaning the sox would end up with the wildcard.

Then I used their E# on as of Tuesday or whatever (think it was 29), and counted the amount of sox wins and mfy losses i estimated to come up with sept 24...

I'm a little disappointed that more people didn't pick WS-n for the last sox win, dammit! and L-girl, tsk tsk...oh well, realistically i COULD see it...but i went with the optimistic route on this one. Plus I bought a sofa at Jordan's and I want my money back. (Not really though).

tim said...

i don't get the 9/12 entries...for that to happen, basically the sox will need to win every game they play until then, AND the yankees lose every game they play from now until then

Rob said...

One thing I realized... I don't really like my two tie-break answers... But I'm the only one who's chosen 9.25, so there wouldn't need to be a tie break.

tim said...

Ish, I was actually teetering on 9/24 and 9/25 for that I see the entries, should've went with the 9/25, given you some competition!

nixon33 said...

tim, wishful thinking homebuy. (9/12)

nixon33 said...

homeBOY, rather.

nixon33 said...

ish their starting to play that tito spot regularly now!

laura k said...

and L-girl, tsk tsk...

I'll be thrilled to be wrong! But Allan said go with what I really think, not just what I wish for. So there it is.

laura k said...

i don't get the 9/12 entries.

Neither do I, I just picked a date that was sooner rather than later.

I already have the stupid DVD set anyway. :)

A Conformer said...

Nix, that link is great. everybody else: if you only read one blog entry today (outside of JoS), read the "if your Yankees were a corporation" one on that site, with the complex but perfect analogy of Alex rodriguez to a copier machine. Who said literature was dead?

And what the fuck does he want to do, exactly? DFA him? He has my vote for that...