September 27, 2008

ALDS Schedule

Game 1: Wed. October 1 - Red Sox at Angels
Game 2: Fri. October 3 - Red Sox at Angels
Game 3: Sun. October 5 - Angels at Red Sox
Game 4: Mon. October 6 - Angels at Red Sox
Game 5: Wed. October 8 - Red Sox at Angels
Mike Lowell will not play in either of this weekend's games and it sounds like it's possible he won't play in the post-season at all. Francona:
I spoke to him in the rain delay a little bit, he's certainly not ready to pull the plug or quit trying to play. So, we're kind of on board with him trying. ... Again, because of how tough he is and what he means to us and him still wanting to play, we don't want to pull the plug either. We'll just monitor the best we can, see what happens.


Rob said...

I'm seeing advertisements for EI on tv... Only $59!!!

Um... You could maybe watch... 40 games? They should really just turn EI on for the last couple games of the season. Why would someone pay $59 for TWO days of EI?

Amy said...

I was dreading this schedule for personal reasons. I will miss probably almost all of the Monday games as well as the first several innings of the two Wednesday games. DAMN.

I forgot how much I hate teaching at night...

Rob said...

Luckily for Amy, the times of the games haven't come out yet. Since there will be as many as three games on any given day, the baseball games will be in various times of the day. For the Red Sox, you can expect start times to range anywhere from 3:05 to 10:05 out in Anaheim, and anywhere from 12:05 to 8:05 in Boston.

laura k said...

I'm in the same boat as Amy - holding my breath to see what time the games will be, so I'll know how many I can watch, and what I'll have to miss.

Amy said...

Oh, right! I was thinking all games in prime time. I forgot that there were three other pairings going on.

OTOH, games starting at 10 pm Eastern time are such a drag when you have to get up at 6.

Whine, whine, whine.

Zenslinger said...

I forgot how much I hate teaching at night...

Sorry, Amy. For me it's the opposite so far -- I can't get out of teaching Thursday nights.