September 28, 2008

Lester And Matsuzaka To Start ALDS; Beckett Tentative For G3

The Globe has the media Q&A with Francona here.

It was on his 40th pitch [of his side session Friday]. Because it was raining and things like that, he was almost done. I don't think it actually was something where he just threw it and grabbed it. It was almost in between pitchers, where he took a deep breath and, "Man, I feel something." He went and got treatment. They've been working on him. Initially, when you hear something like that, you're kind of like, "Damn." [A team doctor] came in and goes, "Hey, relax. We'll be alright." So that was kind of reassuring.
Beckett will travel with the team to Anaheim and throw a side session on Thursday.


Terry Francona confirmed that Josh Beckett strained his right oblique during his side session on Friday.
We're slotting him in there because we think he can pitch there. Friday [Game 2] was actually discussed. But then you're pushing. It's not just health, but it's competing also. I think he's going to be OK.
Jon Lester and Daisuke Matsuzaka will pitch the first two games in Anaheim. Game 1 will be Wednesday at 10 PM and Game 2 will be Friday at 9:30 PM (both on TBS).

It sounds like the Red Sox have no idea if Beckett will be able to pitch next Sunday, and are simply (like we are) hoping for the best.

More as it develops at SoSH.


allan said...

My advice? Deep breaths.

These three guys were going to pitch the first 3 games anyway. Who cares what order they go in, really? If Beckett can pitch and pitch well, then it's all academic.

We'll still win in 4.

Rob said...

Isn't Dice-K the one with the good road performances? Games 2 and 5 are on the road...

Rob said...

You know how it goes, though. You freak out and expect the worst at first, then you calm down, take deep breaths, and look at it as optimistically and objectively as you can. LAAAAAA are still going to have their hands full. It's going to be a good series to watch from a baseball fan's perspective.

allan said...

SoSHer paulftodd:
I do not know if NESN showed Paps tantrum in the dugout, but YES did. I could not see any reference in the game thread. He kicked the water cooler or whatever twice and connected, and threw a punch at something-not sure what, with his right hand, not sure he connected, it did not look like he did. He was livid. After a while, they showed him taking off his left cleat and rubbing his left foot (the foot he used for the 1st kick). He then went the into runway to the clubhouse and literally tore off his shirt before disappearing from view.


After his afternoon performance.

Rob said...

I saw that on NESN.

Rob said...

I think I mentioned it in my 200+ comment barrage earlier.

nixon33 said...

wow. that last line about the trainer saying "we'll be alright" is reassuring.

as for his session on thursday, wait and see how it goes. i'll be holding my breath.

thanks for the update!

Rob said...

I'll be holding my breath, too. Buckley's a even bigger idiot now.

Unknown said...

Yikes, we've got a banged up team heading into the playoffs. Shades of 2005...

That said, this team is much, much, much better than that 2005 team. Even hurt like we are, we're in better shape than 2005 healthy.