September 16, 2008

Drew Improving, May Play Friday

Tampa Bay holds a barely-visible .002 lead over the Red Sox in the AL East. Soxaholix:
Gee, I wondah when Pythagoras is going to catch up to the Rays? Ah, how about right fucking now?
BP gives the Red Sox a slight edge at winning the division: 50.2 to 49.8, while Cool Standings has the Rays with better odds: 53.0 to 47.0.

J.D. Drew will likely return to the Red Sox today, but although Terry Francona says there is "marked improvement" with Drew's back, the earliest Drew would play would be Friday in Toronto.

The last time the Red Sox hit six home runs in a game was against the Orioles on August 3, 2003 (David Ortiz 2, Johnny Damon, Trot Nixon, Bill Mueller, Doug Mirabelli). Despite those six dongs, Boston scored only seven runs (and won 7-5).

Mike Timlin now holds the record for career relief appearances by a right-handed pitcher, with 1,051. "It's something I've been kind of eyeballing all year." Now will he retire? ... Blogger Paul SF is not as cranky as I am and he appreciates Timlin.

Since the All-Star break, Mike Lowell has hit .224 and slugged .360. He spoke about the partially torn labrum in his right hip and the possibility of off-season surgery after the season: "It bothers me every time I run and make a few steps defensively. It's more of a grab and a nag, as opposed to excruciating pain." It's time to move him down in the batting order. There is no reason on earth to continue to bat him ahead of Jason Bay.

Jonathan Papelbon says he is fine and wishes his critics would remember that he's human and stfu, not necessarily in that order. ... The Red Sox are considering moving Bartolo Colon to the pen for the rest of the regular season and the playoffs.

The Herald's Steve Buckley asks: "If the plucky, exciting Tampa Bay Rays make the playoffs, shouldn't their games be moved to a place where fans actually care about the product? The Rays are averaging 21,573 fans per game -- better than only the A's and Royals. Last night's attendance was only 29,772.

With nothing better to do with his time, Dumbo revisits the 2003 ALCS brawl and Pedro Martinez fires back.


A Conformer said...

The good news about Lowell is that since coming back from the DL he's hit well: 324/361/647 in 10 games.

And speaking of Lowell- to get back to the hitting a dong in a your namesake city, maybe the Doc played a rehab game in Lowell?

Benjamin said...

Your Timlin link goes to the Lowell-labrum article.

nixon33 said...


allan said...

i think it's the same article. my computer is running slower than mirabelli on a full stomach, but i think the timlin stiff is down in the notes section and lowell was the lead.

nixon33 said...

ugh, timlin.