September 9, 2008

Schadenfreude 61 (A Continuing Series)

Daily News:
The Yankees finally showed some fight Monday night, though it didn't help them get back in the win column.

A bench-clearing incident put a spark into what was otherwise a one-sided affair, as the Yankees' march toward October vacation continued with a 12-1 loss to the Angels.

Ivan Rodriguez and Torii Hunter tangled at the plate after a mild collision in the bottom of the sixth, prompting both benches and bullpens to clear and the two players to be ejected.

... the Yankees are 9½ games back [in the wild card race] with 18 left and waiting for the end of a season that can't come quick enough.

"People are here early and doing their work," Joe Girardi said. "The approach is good."

And the results lousy.
Rays 85 57 --- Magic #
Red Sox 85 58 0.5 20
Blue Jays 76 66 9.0 12
Yankees 76 68 10.0 10
Orioles 64 78 21.0 E

Wild Card
Red Sox 85 58 --- Magic #
Twins 78 65 7.0 13
Blue Jays 76 66 8.5 12
Yankees 76 68 9.5 10


GK said...

"People are here early and doing their work," Joe Girardi said. "The approach is good."

And the results lousy............

Lousy? No not all, I think they are doing just fine. Keep up the good work Joe.

Benjamin said...

By "people" he means Girardi's arriving early so he can be seen at his desk. Gotta look busy when the boss finds out how the Q3 figures have turned out.

allan said...

Hank says Girardi has done a hell of a job and will be back next year. The Yanks will shoot for 3rd place in 2009.

Devine said...

I want them out of the race by the middle of their homestand so that the Stadium is empty for their home finale (with Baltimore...who the hell scheduled this?).

At the same time, I'd like them to win some in their next five games (against LAAAAAAA and TB).

Even though I wanted them to win last night (to get closer to best record and home-field advantage), it was awesome seeing them get pounded by a playoff team.

Devine said...

Not that they aren't out of the race already...but that the Yankees fans will get it.

nixon33 said...

if you watch the replay (i have a dvr so i could rewind, pause, slow mo the fight) what is crazy is Lackey comes charging out of the dugout with the rest of the bench towards the pudge and Toriiiiiiii, and throws a fucking punch with his pitching hand at pudge's head! (i think it was pudge, could have been someone next to him).

what an, A. LUNATIC, B. ASSHOLE.

efd said...

oh good, a home for this snippet from yesterday's Daily News (after the Yankees lost the last game of the Seattle series); I didn't think it worked as a comment to yesterday's posts.

"Toronto's been playing really well," Alex Rodriguez said. "I'll tell you what; a lot of people should be happy they're not in the playoff race, because they would be the scariest team with the 1-2 punch they've got over there with (Roy) Halladay and (A.J.) Burnett."

If the Blue Jays are "not in the playoff race" as A-Rod said, and the Yankees are behind the Blue Jays, doesn't that mean the Bombers are no longer a factor either? Presented with that follow-up question, Rodriguez was tongue-tied.

"I'm too tired to answer that," he replied. "You confused me on that one."

nixon33 said...