March 26, 2010

Opening Night: Josh Beckett

Starting pitchers have been announced:
S 0404 vs NYY - Josh Beckett
M 0405
T 0406 vs NYY - Jon Lester
W 0407 vs NYY - John Lackey
T 0408
F 0409 at KCR - Tim Wakefield
S 0410 at KCR - Beckett
S 0411 at KCR - Clay Buchholz
M 0412 at MIN - Lester
T 0413
W 0414 at MIN - Lackey
T 0415 at MIN - Wakefield
F 0416 vs TBR - Buchholz
S 0417 vs TBR - Beckett
S 0418 vs TBR - Lester
Boston signed lefty Scott Schoeneweis to minor-league deal and acquired infielder Kevin Frandsen from the Giants. They also released Brian Shouse.

Mike Lowell fouled a ball off his left leg in his first at-bat today and left the game. Ian Browne: "Upon contact, Lowell immediately fell to the ground and appeared to be in considerable pain."

The Sox scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth this afternoon to beat the Blue Jays 3-2. Both runs off Lester (6-6-2-2-5 ) were unearned.


accudart said...

Hey now! We getting close to opening night. Like you said Allan:

Amy said...

Apparently that guy Tug Hulett drove in the winning run. My autograph collection is getting more and more valuable with every hit. :)

allan said...


laura k said...

ABT :)

Ha ha, took me a minute. I love it.

laura k said...

I can't believe baseball is so close.

This also means I am so close to being done with school.

I am going to do a happy dance every day from April to September. Can't wait!

Amy said...

I still don't get it. ABT?

laura k said...

Keep thinking. Think of me. And an autograph.

Amy said...

AHHH, Amy's boy Tug?

Sometimes I am so slow....

Somehow, I doubt we will ever see Tug playing at Fenway. I think he is a minor league lifer, or close to it. He wasn't anywhere in the program. When he was coming down the autograph line, we (me, the 12 year old next to me, and the 70 year old guy next to him) had no clue who he was, and we couldn't find anyone who knew either. Yet we all took his autograph!

One of my favorite Mets was Tug McGraw, however, so I can sort of pretend it was that Tug.

Rob said...

When you Tug, you win.