March 21, 2010

Pictures From Saturday

Amy was at the Red Sox's 6-0 win against an Orioles split-squad yesterday and took some pictures. Here is Jacoby Ellsbury in his new #2 jersey (probably asking FY how he can quickly send a bottle or two of wine north of the border).
More pics here.


SoSock said...

Way cool. Glad you got to see Wake pitch. That's a treat! And FY may be short, but he's.....SCRAPPY!

laura k said...

probably asking FY how he can quickly send a bottle or two of wine north of the border

Does he need my address????

(Uh... make that our address. Yeah, our.)

laura k said...

On a less self-absorbed note, it's great that Amy had a good time and saw a win. City of Palms Park is soooo nice.

Amy said...

Thanks for posting these, Allan! I feel like a famous photojournalist now. Too bad I don't have a camera with a long zoom lens. My little Kodak digicam did pretty well, though.

I really was hoping to get some autographs, but the Sox only sent Wally and Tug Hulett out for the task. I had never heard of Hulett, but felt better after he had an RBI double.

Of course, Baltimore sent their B team, but it still felt good to watch the Sox break their losing streak!

I was particularly pleased with the cover of the spring training program---a full color shot of both Tek and Victor Martinez. Inside was a nice article (with more photos) of how well the two are getting along. Probably BS, but still a sweet thought.