March 1, 2010

Wednesday Lineups!

1 PM vs Northeastern:
Jacoby Ellsbury, LF
Bill Hall, 3B
Victor Martinez, C
David Ortiz, DH
Jed Lowrie, SS
Lars Anderson, 1B
Darnell McDonald, RF
Che-Hsuan Lin, CF
Gil Velazquez, 2B
Casey Kelly (P)
6 PM vs Boston College (NESN/MLBTV):
Marco Scutaro, SS
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
Adrian Beltre, 1B
Jason Varitek, C
Jeremy Hermida, LF
Tug Hulett, DH
Josh Reddick, RF
Ryan Kalish, CF
Boof Bonser (P)


Patrick said...

I feel like both of those lineups, the second especially, are comparable to the Royals, Pirates, Padres...last years Mets.

Our offense is going to be fine.

tim said...

mmmmm, oatmeal.

its been too long.

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

Ahhh, baseball. I have missed you.

allan said...

Dear Tito:
Let that be the last time Tug is DH and Tek hits 5th!

Zenslinger said...

Atlanta's beating the Mets 1-0!

Someone's playing baseball! Somewhere in Florida!

Jere said...

From the MLB boxscore of Braves-Mets:

"Young, LF-CF-LF-CF-LF-CF"

I thought maybe he was going back and forth every inning, but...there's no corresponding guy doing the same thing, so I guess this is their first fuck-up of the decade.

Zenslinger said...

Just now thinking about Sox tickets for West Coast trips. They don't get to Oakland until July, but are here in San Francisco for interleague in June. I e-mail my friend who works at the Giants to see if there's anything he can help with in terms of tickets. I offer to wear a Mets hat to a party, but he insists it has to be that other NY team.

allan said...

MFY kick Chocolate Rain to the curb.

Joe Gravellese said...

go BC!

I have $5 on the Eagles +21.5 points