March 28, 2010

Sox: Four Years Tops For Beckett Extension

With Josh Beckett in his free-agent year, media reports of a possible contract extension mention John Lackey's 5/82.5 deal as a comparison point (Lackey is by far Beckett's #1 similarity comp at B-Ref). However, Gordon Edes says the Red Sox are apparently not willing to go more than four additional years with Beckett.

Edes writes that although Beckett is a year younger than Lackey, the team has concerns about Beckett's right shoulder.
Early in his minor league career, Beckett had evidence of some fraying in his rotator cuff, which led his former team, the Florida Marlins, to limit how much he threw, according to a major league source. And when the Red Sox acquired Beckett from the Marlins in 2005, Sox officials who inspected his medical records were concerned about his shoulder, but not enough to walk away from the deal, according to a baseball source with direct knowledge of those trade negotiations.
A four-year deal would keep Beckett in Boston through 2014 -- he would turn 35 the following season.


Stephanie Frisina said...

BASE BALL!!!!!!!!!

On Sportsnet Pacific here, NESN feed.

Mayor's Cup championship, lol

I'm officially stoked as hell for next Sunday!

Jere said...

We are just dominating Pavano today. 8-4 now after a big Papi dong.

laura k said...

Something tells me that wasn't really Stephanie.

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