August 16, 2010

Big Day

I will be painting the bathroom.

AL East action, at 7 PM:
Tigers/Yankees and Rangers/Rays
August 16:

1909 - New York outfielder Red Murray makes one of the most amazing catches ever seen at Forbes Field. With two men on base in a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the eighth inning, Pittsburgh's Dots Miller hits a long line drive to right center. With everyone straining to follow the ball in the growing darkness and pouring rain, a bolt of lightning flashes and Murray is seen making a bare-handed grab on the dead run to end the inning. Umpire Bill Klem immediately calls the game. Giants manager John McGraw calls it the "greatest and most dramatic" catch he ever saw. Five years later, on July 17, 1914, Murray will be knocked unconscious by a bolt of lightning after catching a fly ball for the final out in a 21-inning game. (Players getting struck by lightning happened a lot back in the Deadball Era.)

1920 - Cleveland's Ray Chapman is beaned by a pitch from the Yankees' Carl Mays. Chapman is conscious and is helped off the field, but he dies after surgery early the next day. Some teams initially refuse to play against Mays and a move to ban him from the game fails.

1948 - Babe Ruth dies at age 53.

1986 - Dale Holman becomes the first professional player to play for two teams in one game. He hit a two-run double for the Syracuse Chiefs (International League) on June 30 when the game against the Richmond Braves was begun and suspended. Holman was released and signed by Richmond and when the game is resumed today, he doubles and singles.

1990 - The visiting Twins trail Cleveland by four runs when Kirby Puckett moves from RF to SS for the bottom of the eighth. After Felix Fermin singles, Puckett moves from SS to 3B and Al Newman moves from 3B to SS. Alex Cole grounds out to shortstop and Fermin advances to second base. Now Puckett moves from 3B to 2B, Newman moves from SS to 3B, and Nelson Liriano moves from 2B to SS. Jerry Browne lines out to shortstop. Everyone stays where they are and John Manto flies out to center. The Twins score twice in the top of the ninth, but lose 7-5.


laura k said...

1977 - Elvis Presley dies.

I will be painting the bathroom.

And the bedroom. Me too.

It looks beautiful!

tim said...

Painting the bathroom eh? Jeeze, you guys are going all out for my company this Saturday!

BULLSHIT CALL IN TB. Andrus called out stealing 2B.

Rays announcers say he was blocked off, I don't buy it.

tim said...

OK, good old Rays TV - just assumes that MFY has lost.

They showed the ALE standings with TB 1.5 back and BOS 5.5 back.

Molina with 2 near HRs, both about 1 foot away from being out. Rangers now up 4-2 =)

MFY losing too.

This could be a productive off-day.

allan said...

DET - 020 000
MFY - 000 000
2 hits for NY

TEX - 000 000 22
FKR - 000 020 0
Tex still batting

tim said...

Go fuck yourself, Cliff Lee.

Useless shit.

tim said...

Fuck Valverde as well.

Trying to outdo his 60 pitch outing in Boston, apparently.

Here comes ol' broom lip out to check on him. Christ sakes leyland, just pull him already!

tim said...

Just walked in a run. FOR FUCK SAKES, PULL HIM.


Fucker can't throw strikes to save his life.

Well, hopefully Jeteski here can become 27 on a GIDP.

2-0 count. Well christ. Maybe Valverde will walk in 3 more runs while Leyland watches like a dumbfounded buffoon.

Jim Joyce was right. This team ain't worth a pot to piss in.

allan said...

DET - 020 000 001
MFY - 000 000 001*
CI up, bases loaded, 1 out

TEX - 000 000 220 - 4 9 0
FKR - 000 020 04x - 6 9 0

tim said...


Suck it, MFY.

allan said...

CIDP! Mr. 27 Strikes Again!!!!!!!

DET - 020 000 001 - 3 7 1
MFY - 000 000 001 - 1 6 1

tim said...

more brilliance from rogers for us.

they added this new sportsnet "one" channel - for HD, do you think they would do something sensible like, say, put it beside the other 4 rogers channels in the lineup?

of course not! channel 501, five oh ONE, how seemingly fitting for a channel called sportsnet ONE, has this "HD preview" crap that never shows anything at all, and the new channel is relegated to good ol memorable 584. way to go on that one, rogers.

tim said...

OK, I'm done ranting and raving on your blog for the night.

See you tomorrow!

johngoldfine said...

"I will be painting the bathroom."

Well, that's like saying, 'I will be seeing a major league ballgame between two teams.'

The question everyone has, the question whose answer would allow the sentence to sprout and bloom in our minds: what color???

laura k said...

Painting the bathroom eh? Jeeze, you guys are going all out for my company this Saturday!

I always use the annual wmtc party as an excuse to get things done that I've wanted to do all year - or in this, since we moved in to this house 3.5 years ago. The leadup to the party is always home improvement week.


John, I thought I left that important information it in my first comment, but I must have deleted it! The bedroom and the bathroom are now a beautiful tangerine.